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New Terex Finlay machines boost production at Skene Group Construction Services Ltd

New Terex Finlay machines boost production at Skene Group Construction Services Ltd

Thursday, September 6th, 2018


Terex Finlay’s J-1480 jaw crusher and 883+ heavy duty screener are proving to be very productive and efficient additions to the crushing and screening fleet at Skene Group Construction Services Ltd.

Finlay Scotland Ltd has supplied the machines, which are being used at Skene’s two quarries at Soutra Mains and Lomond Quarries. Both quarries operate two-tier bench systems and the machines are moved between the quarries and faces to satisfy production requirements.

For the past 50 years, Skene Group have been involved in the processing of quarry material, groundworks and in the production of concrete blocks and ready-mix. The company retains its family and has grown on the core values and beliefs of delivering first class products that their customers can depend upon.

The J-1480 jaw crusher was ordered and built to a high level with many optional factory fitted extras. The pre-screen incorporated on the machine is doing an incredible job and increasing production during the winter months, even with sticky materials that have traditionally proven to be a challenge. This option prevents build up and blockages in the crusher chamber by removing fines that don’t need to enter the chamber. When blockages do occur the hydrostatic drive arrangement of the plant means that the reverse running of the chamber can be engaged to help clear blockages. This feature ensures downtime is minimised in a safe, quick and efficient manner with minimal intervention from operators required.

The 883+ heavy duty screener is being operated along with the J-1480 jaw crusher. This plant was also built to a high specification with chassis riser and extended fines and middle grade conveyors to maximise stockpile capacity.

Both machines are fitted with the Terex Finlay T-Link telematics system as standard. The T-Link telematics system enables Skene’s to remotely monitor the machines performance and ensure the regular preventative maintenance is scheduled as required.

Darren Forrester, Skene Group’s Joint Managing Director said: “We are very pleased with the performance of both machines. The pre-screen on the J-1480 is doing a great job and improves the flow of material into the jaw to deliver impressive tonnages even with the sticky materials during the winter period. Both machines are versatile for us and enables us to move the machines between and around our quarries depending on the production demands. What also attracted us was the back up support we knew that we’d get from Finlay Scotland. It was a combination of machine performance and the back up support that gave us the confidence to order a second J-1480 crusher and we look forward to taking delivery of the new machine.”

Euan Fairweather: “I’d like to thank Darren Forrester for giving us this opportunity and trusting in Finlay Scotland. Both machines have proven themselves in the difficult and abrasive environments on both Skene quarries and giving excellent tonnages. Both machines are playing a critical part in operations to ensure high value products are processed with maximum output. The material goes straight into the J-1480 and the machines’ independent pre-screens and large chamber opening make it ideal for this type of application before being screened by the 883+ screener. The machines also offer the ability for Skene Group to re-configure them to offer a number of flexible options to meet market demand.”

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