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St Andrews Open Association

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Open Association Visit in front of the Washing Plant with Barry the Quarry FormanOpen Association Visit in front of a loading shovel with Paul the Operator


Lomond Quarry has hosted 2 separate visits from the University of St Andrews Open Association’s Geology Classes.


Lomond Quarry is geologically very unusual in so far as the existing sand and gravel deposit overlies a thick dolerite “whin” stone rock.


During the visits the class members not only were taken round the quarry to see minerals up close but also taken through the production process in the quarry. There was much admiration for the “state of the art” washing plant which ensures all finished products have been fully washed thus giving the end user a quality product to use a raw material.


Rosalind Garton, the Open Association Tutor described the visit’s as truly splendid. “My Class members were absolutely fascinated with seeing a working quarry close up and, in particular, learning about and seeing the processes which are involved in making concrete, sands and building blocks”


The University of St Andrews Open Association is the university’s extra-mural studies branch. These are short courses run during the daytime, evenings and week-ends. No entrance requirements are needed – the courses are designed to appeal to the natural interest and curiosity of class members and to allow communities to benefit from having a university in their midst.


Ms. Garton further commented that it is very important as a geologist to explain to the general public how dependent we are on mineral materials, how those rocks and deposits have been formed, and what features of the geological materials make them ideal for the job in hand.

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