Introduction to Concrete Technology (SCQF Level5)

January 23rd, 2024  |  Published in News

“Concrete in the Classroom is a 5 lesson program leading into a single unit National 5 customised award award accredited by the SQA called 

Introduction to Concrete Technology (SCQF Level5)

This program was developed by ExpLearn- Concrete Scotland as a Curriculum for Excellence resource for secondary schools to introduce them to the technology behind the most used construction product in the world – concrete. It also gives the participating students the opportunity to give a context to their STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) studies whilst exploring potential career opportunities that may have been unaware of within the wider construction industry”

Quote: “We were delighted that Skene were again able to accommodate Concrete Scotland, this time at short notice, by supporting a visit of 14 senior pupils from St Columba’s RCHS, Dunfermline to their Glenrothes HQ. This visit will be invaluable to these pupils who are all looking at the construction sector for future employment”

Dale Lyon, Director, ExpLearn Limited.

30 Years Service with Skene Group Construction Services

January 15th, 2024  |  Published in News

Jackie celebrated 30 years employment with the company this week. Jackie started her career within Skene as a weighbridge operator at our quarry in Leslie and has progressed her path through all divisions of the business, learning as she goes. Multitasking “Jake” as shes better known by some has developed skills not only within the administration of the quarries but diversified into Readymix Concrete and Block Departments too, from all admin duties, testing, sales production, analysis, cost control, to name but a few, an extensive range of knowledge of the whole business.

Congratulations Jackie, Well Done.


July 27th, 2023  |  Published in News

Skene Trust have supported the Local Leslie Gala for a number of years and continues to do so this year with a very generous cheque for £8,740.00.

Last years Gala was such a fun filled day as crowds of locals flocked down to the Leslie Pantry where it was hosted to enjoy all the activities and goodies on offer.

Pictured above is Neil Skene and Jill Mason Trustees of Skene Trust along with Heather one of the volunteers who runs the Leslie Pantry along with all the other activities they host there. A great deal of time and effort has been put into the Pantry which provides a range of food and commodities to the local public, kids pack lunches, day to day essentials and just about anything you can imagine.

Such a good cause and much appreciated by the local community.

If you would like to come along and enjoy this years Gala its on Saturday 12th August from 12 Noon till 4pm.

All we need now is some Sunshine

Rokbak RA30 delivers on all fronts for Skene Group

April 18th, 2023  |  Published in News

Down the road from Rokbak’s Motherwell HQ, a renowned family-owned Scottish construction materials business has shopped local and adopted a RA30 into the fold.

Click the above image to watch a video of the RA30 at work and hear from the Skene Group team.

While Rokbak continues to build a global reputation for robust and reliable articulated haulers, just 50 miles directly east of the company’s headquarters in Motherwell, Scotland, Skene Group Construction Services Ltd has put a RA30 to work.

Skene Group is a proud family business with a core group of long-term employees which was started in 1968 by the now-retired Donald Skene, with his son Neil later taking over as Chairman and daughter Jill as a Director. Today, it operates a 100-person workforce, with employees valued for the individual expertise they possess. For Skene, it’s always about bringing in the best people, and best equipment, to each aspect of its operations.

“Our partnerships are dictated first and foremost by attitudes and relationships – it’s all about the people that we deal with,” says Skene Group Managing Director Darren Forrester, who has been with the company for a quarter of a century. “And, as a self-proclaimed people business, Skene operates fundamentally through good service and quality. It’s a difficult industry to keep everybody happy in, but it matters to us to get things right.

“Our customers know that we deliver. And, manufacturing in the outdoors, whether it’s rain, hail, sleet or snow, our product quality must remain consistently high.”

Well-known around the local area for having its own weather-system, Soutra Mains Quarry in Pathhead, Midlothian, has provided the conditions to demonstrate the best of the Rokbak RA30. Skene Group operates this site, extracting material for a concrete plant through on-site wash plants and crushing trains – primarily as fill materials and the coarse recycled aggregate of crushed concrete stone. As one of the leading independent quarry operators, Skene currently supplies pre-cast concrete blocks to around 50% of Scotland’s housing market.

Loaded with pride

“The RA30 has been a very good, strong asset to Soutra Mains,” says Quarry Operations Director Kevin Hill. “It’s rugged and robust, it can stand up to the conditions it’s subjected to, and it suits the type of rock we’ve got here.”

The Rokbak has met demands and proven itself to be a vital addition to Skene Group.

The RA30 arrived on site in late September 2022 to replace an old hauler, with Skene Group having worked once again in collaboration with long-time dealer Molson Group.

“When we needed to find an articulated hauler manufacturer, we were already attracted by Rokbak’s proximity to us,” explains Darren. “Initially we were speaking to our contact at Molson, but we soon discovered that we would also have close contact with Rokbak throughout the process, which helped us to fine-tune the product to our specific needs.”

“It was great to have that touch-and-feel of the Motherwell factory, to be able to jump in the car and see the hauler in its manufacturing stage and meet the guys that were building it.

“We have been able to see the passion from the assemblers and machinists to product management – you can tell the Rokbak products mean something to them.

“But what most impressed me about Rokbak as a manufacturer is that they allowed us to try both the RA30 and RA40 to see what would suit us personally on-site. Rokbak actually invested in Skene Group before we had even placed an order.”

The RA30 at work

At Soutra Mains, the RA30 is utilised predominantly in the lower benches of the quarry for load and haul, from the bottom level up to the concrete aggregate wash plant. The loading shovel fills the hauler in three passes before the RA30 sets off on an 800-metre round trip across different site levels to the plant and back.

“They’re generally dirty conditions for a dumper,” explains Skene Group Services and Quarry Manager Alex Brodie. “The Rokbak is running on compacted Type 1 sub-base with a few ruts here and there, but it’s nothing the machine can’t cope with. We’ve had no issues – the RA30 goes everywhere and does everything we’ve asked it to do.”

Tough suspension ensures the RA30 is comfortable to operate over various ground conditions.

Tailored to your needs

Skene Group’s RA30 customisation involves the popular tailgate and a green beacon which is activated when the cab seatbelts are engaged to ensure operator safety. Side extensions on the truck maximise payload and help prevent spillage while travelling on the haul roads. An auto-lube system ensures everything is greased at the right times, saving operation time and providing safe maintenance. Heated mirror arrangements offer greater visibility down the side of the machine, and an additional mirror on the bonnet as per Skene Group’s request grants even greater safety while manoeuvring.

“This customisation is specific to the demands of Skene Group and the Soutra Mains Quarry,” says Kenny Price, Rokbak’s Regional Sales Manager for EMEA. “Winter conditions are always a challenge, particularly when the quarry endures a lot of rainfall, but the RA30’s capabilities make it more than adept at operating in adverse conditions. The high-performance engine balances controlled power with maximum fuel efficiency and the modulating transmission retarder is coupled with an efficient exhaust brake and fully enclosed oil-cooled multidisc brakes for total control – even on steep slopes.”

Operators praise the RA30

“I’ve been using the Rokbak since it arrived and it’s really nice to operate,” says Quarry Operative Robert Robertson. “When I first arrive on site in the morning, I check over the machine and do the initial checks with the oil, water and hydraulic levels. The layout makes everything quick and clear to see.

“The rear-view camera makes my life a lot easier when you’re reversing the hauler, and the large windows offer a lot of visibility. With any operation, comfort is very important, and it is a very comfortable truck to drive. Personally, I like the amount of room the cabin offers, as well as the stereo of course!”

The RA30’s spacious ROPS/FOPS certified cabs have been designed to avoid fatigue – with low noise, air-conditioning, cushioned steering and tough suspension. Easy operation and service data extraction is gained through clear instrumentation and an LCD display for operational and service feedback, including fuel consumption, while smart data identifies any faults and damage before they cause downtime.

“One of the most important things is that the machine is consistently available and ready to be utilised,” says Kevin. “That goes a long way, in terms of having the right equipment and minimising the amount of downtime.

“My biggest things are that the guys are happy and that they’re comfortable using it, and that there’s a minimal amount of downtime and low fuel consumption. Obviously, we’re looking to make savings. Bringing the Rokbak in with its low fuel consumption is helping us to reduce the fuel usage in terms of average litres per hour and our overall operational costs.”

Kevin Hill, Quarry Operations Director

Rokbak delivers on customer needs

Skene Group’s hard rock operations are based throughout Central Scotland and the Borders region, with two quarries – the other being Lomond quarry in Fife – a block plant in Crossgates and the head office in Viewfield, offering ready-mix material and concrete blocks throughout these regions.

“When Skene Group was considering replacing an existing hauler, we were able to demonstrate how the RA30 met all of their requirements including safety, efficiency, productivity and operator acceptance,” says Mark Proudfoot, Managing Director, Molson Group. “Feedback for the RA30 has been extremely positive in terms of performance, efficiency and reliability – customers including Skene Group like that it’s modern but down-to-earth.

“In Soutra Mains Quarry we now have a piece of heavy engineering made in Scotland, performing in Scotland and supported in Scotland. We very much see the relationship with Rokbak and Skene Group as a partnership. Working closely with our OEM partners allows us to ensure we meet the needs of the customer as smoothly as possible, and having the customer included in this relationship closes the cycle – common interest, common goals, with all sides pulling in the same direction of having equipment working efficiently on site as part of a profitable operation.

“We love the Rokbak brand, what it stands for and how it aligns with the Molson Group approach: a sustainable forward-thinking company providing the very best equipment as the smart choice for customers, and, importantly, the support required when called upon.”

Skene Donate £1000 to Pathheads Christmas Lights

September 1st, 2022  |  Published in News

Pathhead Christmas Lights is a local community group constituted in 2022 with the aim of fundraising for new Christmas lights for Pathhead.

A conservation village situated in the Tynewater area of Midlothian, Pathhead is known to many people as the A68 road passes right through. 

After two quite miserable Christmases brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, Pathhead’s festive gloom was compounded by the dismal street decorations erected in December 2019 and 2020.  The village had a total of 4 lamp post motifs (out of around 30 lamp posts in total).  To make matters worse only one of these motifs worked.  Yes, we had one solitary Christmas light for the whole village.  It was very dismal, especially in comparison to nearby villages Lauder and Tranent, both of whom had beautiful festive street lighting decorations.

Upon this despair a few Pathhead residents vowed to improve things.  Not only would new Christmas lights improve the festive spirit in the village and help with the struggles many people were facing, we would bring the community together with a planned Christmas Lights ‘switch on’ event to celebrate our new lights.

We contacted Tynewater Community Council.  Following their advice and support Pathhead Christmas Lights group was formed with the purpose of fundraising to purchase the lights, cabling, and infrastructure to power them.  There are also the costs associated with erecting, dismantling, and storing the equipment each year.

Soon after our Facebook page and Crowdfunder was set-up, with local residents donating over £1,000 within a matter of weeks.  Our group was truly astonished at how passionate local residents were about improving things. 

We then began to approach local businesses to ask for donations.  Skene Group have a local quarry in Soutra and many Pathhead residents recognise their livery on the lorries who pass through the village. 

An email was sent and a response was received very quickly…  Skene Group would be donating £1,000 to our fundraising efforts!  We were absolutely delighted with this contribution.  It was far more than we were expecting and it was great to have such a fast response too.

Pathhead Christmas Lights would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone at Skene Group for this donation.  We hope your lorry drivers will enjoy the lights as they pass through Pathhead this Christmas!


July 7th, 2022  |  Published in News

Neil Skene from the Skene Trust has donated a cheque for £7640 to Gayle Wilson of the Leslie Community Pantry to fund the Local Gala Day on Saturday 13th August 2022 from 12pm. 

It has been 8 years since the Gala was last on and residents are excited to have the event back up and running this year.

The Leslie Gala has been a huge part of the community for many many years and to bring it back to life in this current climate will have a huge impact on the community.  There will be lots of fun filled activities to join in on for all the family.  Lets just hope the sun shines on the day.

Gayle from the Leslie Community Pantry runs an impressive charitable business which offers a variety of services to the community.  Gayle and her team receive kind donations of food and daily necessaties from local business and distribute them out to people who are less fortunate than most. 

The Skene Trust was formed in 2010 as the Charitable arm of Skene Group Construction Services and since then has contributed £222,000 to various local projects in the vacinity of Leslie.

Neil Skene, The Skene Trust and

Gayle Wilson, Leslie Community Pantry

Leslie Cemetery Tranquillity Garden Project.

February 4th, 2021  |  Published in News

Work is due to commence shortly on the Leslie Cemetery Tranquillity Garden Project.  We are pleased to be supporting the local community of Leslie in providing funding of almost £15,000.00 to make a beautiful landscaped area of Tranquillity for local people and visitors where they can enjoy some quiet contemplation time.

In conjunction with Fife Council, they have agreed to maintain this garden and are happy for the bereavement services to provide any support where required.

We will update you later in the year with some pictures of the finished Tranquillity Garden and hope that it gives some comfort to visitors to the Cemetery

Funded By :-  The Trustees – The Skene Trust, Skene House, Viewfield Industrial Estate, Glenrothes, Fife, KY6 2RD


September 1st, 2020  |  Published in News

A new and inspiring long-distance route across beautiful inland Fife has been regenerated by a Fife Coast & Countryside Trust project.

Requiring £820,000 to fund the project and many many months of organisation, hard work and funding, finally it is complete.

The Skene Trust along with many other funders assisted in funding different parts of the networks of paths that make up the Pilgrim Way.

3.2km of new paths, 18.4km of path improvements along with the fitting of waymarker posts, repairs and general path maintenance.

Skene Trust funded the work involved in upgrading the paths in around Leslie. £9405.00

Skene Group Supply Rock Armour Stone For Major Sea Defence Project

March 25th, 2019  |  Published in News

A major sea defence project in Fife has now been completed utilising Rock Armour Stone supplied by Skene Group Construction Services Ltd.

The project had a number of very specific requirements on the rock type to be used. Skene Group Construction Services Ltd were able to supply stone that complied with the project specification in the key areas of Density of the stone; sizing of the stone to meet Design Criteria and the Durability of the stone against the harsh coastal environment that it was being deployed.

Joint Managing Director  – Mr Andrew Forgan – “This was an interesting project for Skene Group Construction Services Ltd. There needed to be balance delivering the various sizes of Rock Armour Stone to match the design requirements which had a specific methodology on placement of the rock. Due to the size of the Rock Armour both the loading and unloading of the transport is carried out by mechanical excavator’s fitted with specialist handling grab attachments in lieu of the traditional excavator buckets. We were able to develop a planned delivery program which balanced the loading and unloading requirements to match the placement program at the site. Skene Group Construction Services Ltd has built up considerable experience of these types of civil engineering projects over the years and can provide practical assistance to coastal or river defence projects irrespective of scale.”

Please e-mail – if you have an erosion or ground stabilisation project, Skene Group Construction Services are here to help you!

New Terex Finlay machines boost production at Skene Group Construction Services Ltd

September 6th, 2018  |  Published in News


Terex Finlay’s J-1480 jaw crusher and 883+ heavy duty screener are proving to be very productive and efficient additions to the crushing and screening fleet at Skene Group Construction Services Ltd.

Finlay Scotland Ltd has supplied the machines, which are being used at Skene’s two quarries at Soutra Mains and Lomond Quarries. Both quarries operate two-tier bench systems and the machines are moved between the quarries and faces to satisfy production requirements.

For the past 50 years, Skene Group have been involved in the processing of quarry material, groundworks and in the production of concrete blocks and ready-mix. The company retains its family and has grown on the core values and beliefs of delivering first class products that their customers can depend upon.

The J-1480 jaw crusher was ordered and built to a high level with many optional factory fitted extras. The pre-screen incorporated on the machine is doing an incredible job and increasing production during the winter months, even with sticky materials that have traditionally proven to be a challenge. This option prevents build up and blockages in the crusher chamber by removing fines that don’t need to enter the chamber. When blockages do occur the hydrostatic drive arrangement of the plant means that the reverse running of the chamber can be engaged to help clear blockages. This feature ensures downtime is minimised in a safe, quick and efficient manner with minimal intervention from operators required.

The 883+ heavy duty screener is being operated along with the J-1480 jaw crusher. This plant was also built to a high specification with chassis riser and extended fines and middle grade conveyors to maximise stockpile capacity.

Both machines are fitted with the Terex Finlay T-Link telematics system as standard. The T-Link telematics system enables Skene’s to remotely monitor the machines performance and ensure the regular preventative maintenance is scheduled as required.

Darren Forrester, Skene Group’s Joint Managing Director said: “We are very pleased with the performance of both machines. The pre-screen on the J-1480 is doing a great job and improves the flow of material into the jaw to deliver impressive tonnages even with the sticky materials during the winter period. Both machines are versatile for us and enables us to move the machines between and around our quarries depending on the production demands. What also attracted us was the back up support we knew that we’d get from Finlay Scotland. It was a combination of machine performance and the back up support that gave us the confidence to order a second J-1480 crusher and we look forward to taking delivery of the new machine.”

Euan Fairweather: “I’d like to thank Darren Forrester for giving us this opportunity and trusting in Finlay Scotland. Both machines have proven themselves in the difficult and abrasive environments on both Skene quarries and giving excellent tonnages. Both machines are playing a critical part in operations to ensure high value products are processed with maximum output. The material goes straight into the J-1480 and the machines’ independent pre-screens and large chamber opening make it ideal for this type of application before being screened by the 883+ screener. The machines also offer the ability for Skene Group to re-configure them to offer a number of flexible options to meet market demand.”

To find out more about Finlay Scotland and the Terex Finlay products click here


Plant & Transport Sales Division Launched

February 15th, 2018  |  Published in News

Skene Group Construction Services Ltd new innovative website has a great choice of quarry and construction equipment along with a huge fleet of transport vehicles. The company is marketing its own used equipment that is for sale due to fleet replacement. We will also make an offer on any piece of equipment that is for sale or surplus to requirements.

For a free valuation email the details and pictures to

Check out our current stock list here


Skene Group Construction Services Ltd sponsors of Kingdom FM 10 year Anniversary Local Hero Awards

September 6th, 2017  |  Published in News

Neil Skene and Katherine Skene with some of the winners at this years awards.

Skene Group Coanstruction Services sponsored Child of Achievement Award.

I’m sure you’ll agree the evening was a fantastic success in celebrating Fife’s Local Heroes and listening to the many stories from individuals and organisations, not forgetting the amazing entertainment from Callum Beattie, Celtic Moves and the amazing Abandoman.

New Outdoor Equestrian Arena

May 17th, 2017  |  Published in News


Skene Group Construction Services Ltd were appointed to undertake the sub strata bearing for the new outdoor equestrian arena at Fifes most popular equestrian centre. The area was cleared by the use of the inhouse plant and operators.  The herringbone drainage system which went in was designed and installed by some of the companies best young up and coming operatives, suitably supervised by the experienced management team.   All the materials were supplied from the Skene local quarry, delivered by our own fleet of tippers, ensuring that the job was undertaken using the best of gravel, within a time frame to suit the client.  Currently the Skene Group as a whole endeavour to introduce youngsters to the industry with proper training and guidance in all aspects of the groups activities.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our operatives, we endeavour to ensure that we not only give our clients best value, but we look after our operatives and their working environment.

New Development – Anstruther

May 16th, 2017  |  Published in News



The development on the east coast of fife is now nearing completion with the Client on track to offer a special standard of living on a wonderful elevated south facing site. Skene Group Construction Services Ltd commenced on site just under a year ago and are now back onsite after a time away to add the final touches to the development.  The in-house resources employed by Skene have the necessary skill set to ensure that the hard landscaping is in keeping to the highest standard expected by the top end clients on their developments.  With continued training and supervision from a management team with over 30 years’ experience and knowledge along with applying the most innovative skills and equipment the team at Skene ensure that the Client gets the job done with minimum fuss.  The development was built utilising the Skene Group Construction Services Ltd to its maximum benefit, with the concrete blocks being brought from the groups fife outlet unit, the quarried material being brought from the groups nearby fife quarry not only ensuring the best of quality but ensuring the environmental impact is kept to a minimum.

New Hotel – Dundee

May 16th, 2017  |  Published in News



Skene Group Construction Services Ltd have successfully poured the floors within the redevelopment of one of the old mills in Dundee which is being transformed into a modern high spec hotel. Skene Group were appointed to carry out the installation of all internal drainage, service ducting and formwork to create the floors for the ground floor slab.  The works package also included forming new lift pits within the ground floor area of the proposed new hotel.  The works package was challenging in that the working room was restricted and proposed levels were varied.  The in house setting out engineers for the group ensured that the developer was given the floors to within tolerance and all at the correct structural slab level.  The developer has plans to further expand and continue with the renovation of the old mill undertaking to transform part of the mill into self-contained apartments.  Skene are negotiating currently to undertake the ground floor slabs, drainage etc.

Housing Association – Kincardine

May 16th, 2017  |  Published in News



Skene Group Construction Services Ltd have now concluded the infrastructure first phase visit at the development. The sub structure works are now nearing completion on the site with the first phase plot layouts getting underway.  The developer is progressing with the kit erections on top of floor slabs poured by Skene.  The site has benefited from the use of Skene by ensuring the best quality of workmanship and material is being used onsite, from all the aggregates, concrete and concrete blocks being produced and supplied by Skene. This has resulted in not only minimising environmental impact buy ensuring that local employment is sustained within Fife.  The regeneration of these areas, utilising local materials, along with the engaging good advisory construction teams shall ensure that local people are afforded the best value of housing the industry can supply.  Skene are delighted to share our knowledge and expertise with developers and break the mould from current construction working practises.

New Lambing Shed – Fife

May 16th, 2017  |  Published in News



Skene Group Construction Services Ltd have successfully poured the floors within the steel frame shed for a local farmer. The floor slab was designed to accommodate post sockets so as the shed could be transferred into a series of pens.  In conjunction with the farmer Skene Group Construction Services Ltd ensured the proper concrete was utilised within the shed, giving best value for money and longevity of use whilst also delivering the correct surface texture so as to avoid animal slippage and potential injury to the livestock.

Housing Association – Lower Largo

May 16th, 2017  |  Published in News



Skene Group Construction Services Ltd undertook the installation of the infrastructure at the east neuk site over a year ago to allow the developer to offer superb housing for both local housing association and private home owners. Whilst Skene Group Construction Services Ltd were installing the sub structure foundations, fully servicing the plots with drainage, service ducting and concreting the floor slabs they were asked to assist in ensuring that the housing association houses were completed to a high standard.  The Skene Group not only delivered the infrastructure and sub structure works package they contributed to the development by providing the building blocks for the development also.  The Group ensure that the Client gets best value and service to allow each development to run smoothly.  The Groups management team can assist and advise its clients of best value and service

New retail outlet unit – Montrose

May 16th, 2017  |  Published in News



The continued growth of one Europe’s top independent retailers continues with the inclusion of the new outlet at Montrose. Skene Group Construction Services Ltd are now well underway with the infrastructure and sub structure works package for the Client.  The continued relationship between the two companies has allowed for the new stores to be pushed on quickly from the outset thus ensuring that the store is fully functional within a very quick period of time.  Skene have, in less than 8 weeks completed the works package to ensure that the tar is down, car parking areas ready for use, the foundations are in place for steel frame erection and that the site is allowed to progress without damaging the formation strata.  The site is located next to the live railway station which resulted in the project management team and Skene having to take care to ensure that the works risk assessments and method statements took cognises of this, this resulted in Skene developing their methods without ever compromising the safety.

New Spa OCH St Andrews

May 16th, 2017  |  Published in News



Skene Group Construction Services Ltd have successfully been awarded the groundwork’s package for the new spa extension for the Old Course Hotel extension.   The works package involved the diversion of existing services, demolition of existing feature sand stone dykes, site clearance of vegetation and existing car parking bays.  Skene Group Construction Services Ltd shall undertake to install the shell for the new swimming pool, foundations for the steel frame building, new installation of a pumping station for the existing and new drainage, floor slab to the extension and the external reinstatement of the hard landscaping once the building has been erected.  It is envisaged that Skene Group shall supply all the quarried materials, concrete and concrete building blocks for the works ensuring that the developer gets the best quality, service and workmanship the group can offer.

Access/Slip Road

May 16th, 2017  |  Published in News



Skene Group Construction Services Ltd have now completed the slip road to service a proposed new wind farm. The Works package was such that there was a large element of imported fill required to ensure the gradients were accessible for long vehicle’s delivering the turbines.  The team within Skene ensured that the job received the best service possible in regards to providing material.  Skene with their fleet of 15 number 8 wheel tippers and 6 artic lorry tippers can ensure that getting materials to site on time every day is not an issue.  This job was receiving in excess of 500 ton a day which meant that the job was delivered quicker than programmed.  The onsite team were working extra hard to ensure proper compaction and regulating was carried out in accordance with the engineer’s requirements. When engaging with the Skene Group Construction Services Ltd team you are getting not only a contractor who can manage your infrastructure package, deliver your infrastructure package but also the knowledge that the team have the backup of a group who can advise, guide and ensure you get volume, quality, care and attention for your development/project.  The construction industry is fraught with difficulty, time restraints, cost restrictions and of course weather issues.  The Skene Group can assist and ensure that both you and skene work jointly to deliver the best value, quality and within a time frame to suit the project.

Access Road – Recycling Centre

May 16th, 2017  |  Published in News



Skene Group Construction Services Ltd carried out remedial works to one of Scotland’s busiest recycling centres recently. The road had broken up over recent times due to the high volume of trafficking it was receiving.  Skene ensured through their inhouse technical department that the design mix of concrete used to upgrade the road was indeed suitable and fit for purpose.  Utilising some fast set additives within the concrete and ensuring that the highest PSV strength whin stone was put into the concrete the upgrade was carried out within a small window to minimise the disruption to the unit, whilst ensuring that the Client got best value for money.  Engaging with the Skene Group Construction Services Ltd team does not only give you peace of mind that the job is being undertaken correctly, it ensures that the service you get is the complete solution, financially and technically.

Dock Storage/Access Area

May 16th, 2017  |  Published in News



Skene Group Construction Services Ltd were engaged to undertake repairs to the running area of the local storage/transport area within our local port. The concrete design had to provide a hard-wearing running surface to ensure the Client was getting best value. The in house technical department at Skene House were more than equipped to deliver the product that would ensure the clients expectations were fulfilled.  There were areas that the Client wanted to be tar macadamed, Skene with their working partners ensured that a high polymer tarred surface was delivered to the job and laid to a good quality.  The Skene’s Contracts Divisions team of experienced operatives ensured that the working operations of the port were not impacted to its detriment during the upgrading works and the job was kept within the strict times.

New Indoor Tennis Centre – St Andrews

May 16th, 2017  |  Published in News


Skene Group Construction Services Ltd have commenced works on a new indoor 5 court tennis centre within the grounds of St Andrews University. The development is phase two of ongoing upgrade works to the existing sports centre.  The Skene Group are supplying imported stone from their local quarry to allow the ground improvement works to be undertaken prior to casting foundations using their concrete from their fife plant.  The development requires the concrete floor to be cast to a tolerance of only +-6mm, Skene are undertaking the design mix for the concrete specified by the structural engineer of which the contracts division shall undertake to lay to the specification tolerances.


New Retail Store – Edinburgh

May 16th, 2017  |  Published in News


Skene Group Construction Services Ltd have commenced work on another new retail store. The development which was on a site of an old church is now well underway to have the area transformed.  The site sits on a gradient and therefore has retaining structures all the way around the perimeter of the site.  The Skene Group are fabricating shutters, supplying the concrete and pouring the concrete to the walls prior to them being clad in brickwork.  In fabricating the shutters Skene have carried out the necessary temporary works design in conjunction with their structural engineer partners so as to ensure all the works are compliant.  The experienced onsite operatives have all the necessary skill set to ensure that all works packages are carried out to a high standard.  Currently progress on site is good with the onsite drainage installed, car parking bays formed and blocked, retaining walls progressing

New Access Road

November 29th, 2016  |  Published in News



Skene Group Construction Services Ltd have recently been appointed as Principle Contractor on a Wind Farm development south of Edinburgh. The contract is one of which the group can be self-sufficient on as it is easily serviced from the Group’s Soutra outlet unit, resulting in the rock and concrete from the quarry being utilised on the project.  Currently the new access Road is being formed of the A68 with full Traffic Management being implemented.  The Skene Group Construction Services Ltd experienced workforce with their proper training certificates and knowledge of the industry shall ensure that the works are carried out quickly, efficiently and to a high standard.  Working in conjunction with Scottish wildlife Trust, SEPA and local planning authority’s approval, oversight the Group ensure that the works are compliant with all environmental and planning conditions.  Our Clients know that we offer the one stop solution to having their development undertaken to the best possible standards.


Yard Extension

November 29th, 2016  |  Published in News



Skene Group Construction Services Ltd continue with their developer Client to progress the East Neuk of Fife site. The development with which Skene Group Construction Services Ltd has installed the infrastructure and sub structure works packages is now nearer the handover of the rented housing plots.  All concrete and blocks on the site have been manufactured by Skene Group Construction Services Ltd at their local fife plant in Glenrothes.  The site is ongoing and Skene continue to do setting out of all the private houses for excavating and for the brick layers to build the sub structure. The in house fully robotic Engineering capability means that the site progress is efficient, accurate and super quick.  With the capability to carry out site survey work and setting out the Skene Group Construction Services Ltd are able to ensure that their Clients can minimise the earthworks packages and ensure that the site modelling is kept to the most economically viable solution.  When you use Skene you get the “Complete Solution”.


New Infrastructure Works

November 29th, 2016  |  Published in News



Skene Group Construction Services Ltd have successfully undertaken works to complete the infrastructure to a green field site within Edinburgh. The sewer installation and clean water suds system have been installed to accommodate the future development of the site.  The developer had a timeframe with which the works package had to be undertaken within of which Skene Group Construction Services Ltd accomplished and handed over in time to allow the house builder to connect the private housing development into.  The whole system was built under the design approval of Scottish Water.   Both Client and design team were delighted with the progress onsite and the quality of workmanship with which the team at Skene House delivered.


New Social and Affordable Housing

November 29th, 2016  |  Published in News



Skene Group Construction Services Ltd are progressing well with the housing association work which they have undertaken the groundwork’s package on with one of their local developer associates for Kingdom Housing Group. Skene Group Construction Services Ltd are not only undertaking the entire infrastructure package they are also undertaking the sub structure package with the finishing’s included within the programme.  The sub structure blocks are manufactured and supplied by Skene Group Construction Services Ltd from their local outlet in Fife.  The group’s other unit at Soutra mains on the A68 also manufacturers blocks allowing the company to cover the entire North of England and Scotland with quality, cost effective solutions to your building requirements.

Development Nearing Completion

November 29th, 2016  |  Published in News



Skene Group Construction Services Ltd are now on the final push to conclude the development at Blairgowrie where they were engaged to undertake the infrastructure and sub structure groundwork’s package for the retirement homes on the site of the old tennis club. Skene Group Construction Services Ltd supplied the blocks for the sub structure works and had all the initial programmed groundworks complete within the first three months of the development commencing.  The demolition and removal of the tennis club was undertaken by the Group as part of their package.  Latterly on the project, the experienced groundwork’s operatives undertook the slabbing, top soiling and tarring to the development, ensuring that the quality of workmanship was of the highest standard for their developer.   The site was very tight without much room for manoeuvring around however with the Group utilising its own plant were able to ensure that the correct machinery was used on the project to safe guard the neighbouring tree’s and environment.

Yard Improvement Works

September 13th, 2016  |  Published in News


Skene Group Construction Services Ltd undertook to carry out improvement works for a local company where the existing running surface had deteriorated to a state of unusable. The Contracts Division cleared the site, prepared and installed new a new wash down area for the Client within a tight budget and tight programme ensuring the Client’s business was up and running with absolute minimum delay. The group’s capability to deliver to site concrete was essential in allow the timings to work.  Skene Group Construction Services Ltd are one of only a few suppliers who can give you the quantity of concrete you need when you need it, on time every time.   The Group’s new plants can easily turn out huge volumes to meet your demands per day.

Yard upgrade

September 13th, 2016  |  Published in News


Skene Group Construction Services Ltd were drafted in to help a company get the best out of their yard. The yard was a live working recycling yard however the surfacing was unusable and not fit for purpose.  Skene Group Construction Services Ltd with their working partners designed the new running surface and drainage system to allow the yard to be brought up to SEPA standard.  The introduction of a full retention separator, catch pits and flow control chamber meant that the works involved required experienced operatives and precious engineering, all carried out by the Group’s Contracts Division.  The plant, equipment, quarried materials and concrete were all in house ensuring that control to all was managed and prioritised to the Client.  The end result was that the Client got his yard back on time, in budget and to excellent quality.

Yard Extension

September 13th, 2016  |  Published in News


Skene Group Construction Services Ltd carried out a yard extension for a local timber merchant recently. The Client had to maintain working production whilst the yard extension was being undertaken.  The Skene Group Construction Services Ltd put their fleet of 8 wheel tippers on the job commencing at 6am and by 9am the site was cleared with some 240m3 of material away off site and quarried hardcore material delivered back to site.  The benefits to the Client meant that the lorry movements did not impact on his production.  The Skene Group Construction Services Ltd vast array of plant and lorries along with experienced operatives ensures that the works packages undertaken from the group can and are undertaken with service being at the fore front of the Group’s service.   This job was undertaken over the course of two days and at the weekend, where the area was excavated, ground consolidation undertaken and the areas concreted.

New Development – North Berwick

September 13th, 2016  |  Published in News


Skene Group Construction Services Ltd have successfully installed all infrastructure and sub structure works on a new retirement development at North Berwick. The Group’s Contracts Division were appointed Principle Contractor for the works package and given a 12-week window in which to complete the works.  The foundations were poured from Skene produced concrete which was delivered to site from the group’s Soutra mains unit. The importing of all quarried material also came from the Companies wholly owned Soutra quarry, along with the concrete blocks for the sub structure.  The Contracts divisions experienced workforce undertook the works package and have now delivered to the Client the entire access road, car parking and sub structure, on time.

New Infrastructure Works

September 13th, 2016  |  Published in News


Skene Group Construction Services Ltd have successfully tendered for the new infrastructure works package at a housing association development within Fife.   The works package includes the installation of the main line sewers and roads within the development along with sub structure works associated to the housing.  With the Groups own quarried materials and concrete supply products the Contracts Division were given an edge over its competitors, allowing the division to win the job.  The experienced work force and setting out engineers mean that the division can undertake works of this nature throughout Fife, Edinburgh, Tayside and Lothian competitively.  The Contracts Division can undertake the works package on a Principle Contractors role or as sub-contractor role depending on the works programme.   The benefits to any developer, builder or Principle Contractor in engaging with the Skene Group Construction Services Ltd Contracts Division is they get a qualified workforce, quality workmanship, excellent service and commitment.

New Development Suds and Drainage

September 13th, 2016  |  Published in News


Skene Group Construction Services Ltd have successfully undertaken to install a new mainline sewer outfall within a development area in Edinburgh. The works package involved installing a new 1200mm diameter storm water outfall pipe into a suds pond, headwall’s and all, and then discharging through a 2100mm diameter control manhole, prior to discharging into the nearby water course.   The installation of 525mm diameter concrete foul water drainage line to the nearby Scottish Water trunk sewer was also completed, including associated manholes etc.  The Client remodelled the ground and has now got a site ready to develop for proposed housing.    The wholly owned plant and equipment along with the in-house aggregate and concrete production means that the Contracts Division can compete with all contractors supplying similar service.


Skene Trust -Charity’s help to repair headstones after ‘despicable’ Leslie Cemetery wrecking spree

June 9th, 2016  |  Published in News

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Charity’s help to repair headstones after ‘despicable’ Leslie Cemetery wrecking spree

Scotplant show 2016

April 28th, 2016  |  Published in News


Local Authority Upgrade Work

April 1st, 2016  |  Published in News




Skene Group Construction Services Ltd have been awarded some local Authority work. The groundwork’s package is part of a larger works package.  The works package involved diverting some existing drainage and installing new manholes, widening the existing entrance to the learning centre and installing some additional porous car parking bays.  The group were awarded some additional works removing existing trees and concrete plats which were being replaced.  The awarded works package resulted in Skene Group Construction Services Ltd being able to offer their in house products at competitive prices.

Housing Development—East Neuk of Fife

April 1st, 2016  |  Published in News


004 003

Skene Group Construction Services Ltd has commenced work on a new development within the East Neuk of Fife for a local developer. The large muckshift got underway Late January 2016.  The development infrastructure and sub structure work packages has been awarded to Skene Group Construction Services Ltd resulting in the group suppling the gravel for the drainage, the concrete for the foundations and the concrete blocks for the sub structure build.  The Client is receiving the best value within the industry as a result of packaging the works in this nature.  The fully trained and experienced operatives are delivering the packages within a quick and efficient programme to eliminate Client delays.

Yard upgrade — Cuparmuir — Fife

April 1st, 2016  |  Published in News



Skene Group Construction Services Ltd continue to ensure that the infrastructure of its Clients are kept to their high standard by undertaking upgrade works to the existing yard, ensuring proper bearing strata is in place prior to concreting with an external air entrained fibrous concrete.  The Skene Group Construction Services Ltd team of partners offer the company the resource to test the bearing strata at short notice so design can be procured prior to arriving onsite to undertake the works.

New agricultural detention pond

April 1st, 2016  |  Published in News




Skene Group Construction Services Ltd are undertaking the works for a new Retention pond which shall assist in the irrigation of  agricultural land for vegetable growing to be undertaken by a local farmer.  The Skene Group Construction Services Ltd heavy plant capability and fleet of constantly renewed 8 wheel tippers and arctic lorry trailers results in work of this nature being easily undertaken by the Group. The material used was from agriculture development land nearby.  The pond had a requirement for material which Skene transport moved quickly and efficiently without incurring any disruption/delays to the job.  The resulting effects of the Skene Group Construction Services Ltd being involved in this type of work is that minimum impact on the environment has been considered, evaluated and taken into consideration.

New Retirement Flats—Blairgowrie

April 1st, 2016  |  Published in News





Skene Group Construction Services Ltd have delivered the sub structure package along with the infrastructure package for their Clients development at Blairgowrie.  The sub structure building was built by Skene Group Construction Services Ltd bricklaying partners utilising the Skene Concrete Products blocks, which were are now distributed throughout Scotland at very competitive rates.  The gravel and hardcore stone was from the Skene quarry offering the very best in value for money was used throughout the development resulting in the Client getting the best value for pound spent within the industry.

New Surfacing Works

November 13th, 2015  |  Published in News



The removal of the linkspan unit at Rosyth Port resulted in the Client requiring some surfacing works to be undertaken. Skene Group Ltd excavated the area using the stone from the Fife quarry unit. The in house fleet of 8 wheel tippers allowed for the materials to be delivered at the correct time intervals to allow the works to be completed on programme. Skene along with their tar works specialist concluded the works ahead of programme and allowed the ferry terminal to open without any interference to the operations and arrival of the ferry.

New weighbridge and external works – Carberry

November 13th, 2015  |  Published in News



The installation of a new weighbridge resulted in some external concrete areas being undertaken by Skene Group Ltd in association with some of our working partners. The live site meant that the concrete works with which Skene undertook the job had to be done without disruption to the Client. The Skene Group Ltd had their technical department design the concrete mix such that the concrete had early curing agent added. The Works within the fast paced environment meant Skene Group Ltd had to have high level supervision onsite to ensure all safety measures were adhered to.

New External sorting yard – Glenfarg

November 13th, 2015  |  Published in News



The final touches were carried out to the new yard where the client had requested all surface water rain be caught and directed to an existing treatment tank. Skene Group Ltd formed an insitu drainage channel within the concrete pour to accommodate the water, offering one treatment prior to discharge to the treatment plant. The new concrete pad has a design mix done for the job which resulted in early curing of the concrete onsite. The area was excavated and imported stone from the Skene Group taken in to achieve the California bearing strata along with grading the area out prior to the concrete being place and finished by the Skene Group’s fully experienced workforce.

New External Yard – Kirkcaldy

November 13th, 2015  |  Published in News



A further extension on the back of a new shed by one of the Skene Group Ltd clients resulted in a large area being pumped in one day. The new factory shed was protected by polythene prior to the pour. The area was designed so that the surface water would fall away from the new building and out of the weepers of the retaining wall. Skene Group Ltd serviced the works package from its outlets in Glenrothes Fife, running in type one fill from the quarry and concrete from the now very busy Glenrothes plant. The job was difficult to service as the new yard was within a raised area, resulting in challenging solutions to preserve the retaining walls whilst filling and consolidating.

New Washbay – Cupar – Fife

November 13th, 2015  |  Published in News



The need for a new washbay by one of the Skene Group Ltd associates was undertaken during the month under some difficult weather conditions. Skene Group carried out the installation of the drainage system along with the form work and placement of concrete. The requirement by the Client was that the washbay had to be constructed quickly in order to allow the operations onsite to continue. The Skene Group Ltd in house technical department ensured that the design mix for the concrete being used was such that the curing to high strength was going to be early. The result onsite was great, with a good finish along with looking after the concrete the Client was back in full operation with minimum disruption.

New Retail Store – North Berwick

November 13th, 2015  |  Published in News



Skene Group Ltd are currently finishing off the external works package at the site in North Berwick where recently the extension to the building and substructure package on the renovation of the old retail unit has been undertaken. Skene Group Ltd serviced the groundwork’s package from their Edinburgh based unit at Soutra Mains on the A68. The access to the external works package has been delayed slightly due to complications tying in the roofs, however Skene Group Ltd in house resources were able to work 7 days a week to pull the completion to within the time frame to suit to opening of the store.

New Retirement Flats – Blairgowrie

November 13th, 2015  |  Published in News



Skene Group Ltd have commenced on site as Principle Contractor for one of their working partners. The site was recently used by the Blairgowrie tennis club, now relocated. The Skene Group Ltd have undertaken the role of PC for the initial works package which shall involve clearing the site along with the demolition of the club house and topsoil scrape. The sub structure works shall be included in the initial phase of works in conjunction with all the infrastructure package which shall allow all the car parking, access road and drainage works to be installed. The fully trained workforce within the Skene Group Ltd working in conjunction with their safety advisors ensures that the Company can hold the position onsite.

Formation of New Storage Yard – Rosyth

November 12th, 2015  |  Published in News



Skene Group Ltd have successfully completed the new concrete storage yard at Rosyth. The tight timescales on the job in conjunction with the poor ground conditions and existing services infrastructure running through the area, meant that the team on site were starting pours at 6:00am. Skene Group ltd were pouring and finishing 180m3 pours within one day on the job. The success of the pours were down to supply and having Skene trucks on the job meant the result was never in doubt. The Skene Group Ltd engaged with a local structural engineers practice to ensure that the bearing capacity of the underlying strata was dug out and structurally filled using Skene quarried stone to achieve the best suitable bearing achievable within a dock reclaimed area. New drainage was installed to the area where minimum gradients were used to move surface water, thus allowing the double stacked containers to move safely over the area without having an adverse angle to through the top container off. Skene Group Ltd have the ability to achieve the falls to this high specification.

Oxton Games 2015

September 1st, 2015  |  Published in News


Oxton Games 2015


Skene Group Ltd. Were proud to sponsor the 200 metre Open Handicap race at the recent annual Oxton Games.

Congratulations to Mhairi Henderson winner of the event shown receiving her trophy.


Redevelopment of Existing—North Berwick

July 28th, 2015  |  Published in News


The Skene Group Ltd are appointed as sub Contractor to carry out the demolition/strip out of the existing building. The introduction of an extension to the existing building and extension to the car parking areas are all part of the package to be carried out. Skene Group Ltd are utilising their own plant and equipment to carry out the works along with in house operatives experienced in all aspects of demolition and groundwork’s. The complex strip out includes removal of existing mezzanine concrete floors, whilst supporting existing blockwork walls. Skene group Ltd and their associates can provide the service to design the temporary works necessary for an operation of this scale.

New Concrete Sorting Pad—Perthshire

July 28th, 2015  |  Published in News


The biggest recycling operation in the North of Scotland has called on the Skene Group Ltd to add to the efficiencies of the outlet by upgrading a section of their yard to accommodate a sorting area for metals. Skene group Ltd shall endorse their appointed structural engineers design to install a fully drained concrete slab which shall accommodate heavy plant and equipment to sort out metals brought into the unit. The area shall be prepared in accordance with the findings of soil investigation report, a sealed drainage channel shall be formed insitu and the concrete slab laid to ensure the falls are such that the water catchment is put into the collection tank of the units system prior to discharge. All of the design and construction works shall be undertaken by Skene Group Ltd. The recycling unit shall be allocated use of the pad early as the Skene Group Ltd’s technical department shall design the concrete to allow early curing.

Formation of New Storage Pad—Rosyth

July 28th, 2015  |  Published in News


The Skene Groups Ltd are designing and delivering a new concrete storage pad within the confines of the docklands. This upgrade shall support the proposed new exporting link with the ferries visiting Scotland. Part of the works being designed and carried out by Skene group Ltd is to enhance the storage capacity, The design is being underwritten by the Group’s close working associates and shall be designed to withstand double stacking of containers within the terminal.   The existing gantry shall be removed prior to Skene Group ltd carrying out soil stabilisation testing to ensure the design is fit for purpose.   The imported materials, concrete, labour, transport and management shall be all resourced inhouse to undertake the project.

Linlithgow Sewer Outlet Installation

July 28th, 2015  |  Published in News


The Skene Group Ltd are undertaking to install the new sewer outfall for McCarthy and Stone new development at Linlithgow. This is a very high profile development within the historical town centre for a Client who has a very good record in providing retirement homes. The works are very challenging with the town centre being so popular with tourists and local businesses. The installation of the sewer is also very closely watch by enthusiastic historians, seeking to reminisce of the past.   Skene Group Ltd have the experienced personnel onsite to undertake all of the challenges along with the appropriately qualified personal to manage the difficult undertaking.

New Aldi Store—Cupar—Fife

July 28th, 2015  |  Published in News


The recently completed new store at Cupar highlights the quality of the finishing’s produced by the inhouse resources of the Skene Group Ltd. The old derelict site was completely transformed into a new vibrant retail outlet. The local infrastructure was upgraded along with new sewer system, road layout to the entrance and new energy supplies run into the outlet, all of which was undertaken by the Skene Group Ltd and the service providers. This in conjunction with all the car parking, lighting, footway’s and roadway’s which has resulted in a very good job being handed over to the Client on time, on budget and to a high standard. The Skene Group Ltd’s Complete Solution to Construction Services.

Recycling Operation—Lothians

July 28th, 2015  |  Published in News


The continued upgrading of one of the largest recycling depots within the east Coast of Scotland has called on the services of the Skene Group Ltd to provide and lay concrete. This has provided the unit with a service which minimises the disruption to the unit as Skene Group Ltd have the resources within their domain to specify concrete which shall cure early. This particular unit required the use of the new concrete pad as soon as possible, Skene Group Ltd and their in house technical staff provided the services which resulted in the operation maintaining the high productivity levels during the upgrade, with no loss to the Client. This is all part of the Complete Solution Skene Group Ltd can provide.

New Aldi Store — Cowdenbeath Fife

July 28th, 2015  |  Published in News


Skene Group Ltd are progressing with the finishing’s of the new store at Cowdenbeath with the concrete floor to the back of house being polished to a very high standard. The Concrete for the store was supplied by Skene Group Ltds inhouse batching plant, utilising the full of the Skene Group Ltd’s in house facilities, raw mineral materials from the local quarry, transported by the Groups in house fleet of new trucks.

Fordell Industrial Estate Access Road

July 28th, 2015  |  Published in News



Skene Group Ltd have successfully completed the new concrete access road into the Industrial estate at Fordell. The Skene Group Ltd serviced the job utilising all in house resources from the quarried hardcore to the concrete running surface. to ensure the job was delivered ahead of schedule was carried in the main by their own fleet of over 40 trucks to deliver as required to the job.   The 1.5km road used internal materials as the bearing ground had areas of soft peat present. The quality of service ensured the bearing strata was not open to the elements of weather deteriation.



NPA Construction Students from Fife College visit Lomond Quarry.

July 28th, 2015  |  Published in News



Lomond Quarry has recently played host to a party of . The visit was suggested by Mr Ron Page who is one of the Lecturers in Construction Crafts at the college. Mr Page places great importance in showing the students how a successful local business operates in the context of actual day to day operational environment which can be far more vivid than trying to portray production processes from a college classroom.


Andrew Forgan, Joint Managing Director commented after the visit it was a useful exercise to illustrate to the students just how much investment, knowledge and expertise is required into producing something as simple in appearance as Concrete Sand.


Lomond Quarry is a very unique deposit with the presence of not only sand and gravel minerals but also dolerite rock. These good quality raw materials coupled with a state of the art crushing, washing and processing plant gives a high quality finished product that suits many construction markets. 

The students are shown pictured in front of the washing plant with Mr Ron Page and Mr Brian Hutton who are the college lecturers.


St Andrews Open Association

June 18th, 2015  |  Published in News

Open Association Visit in front of the Washing Plant with Barry the Quarry FormanOpen Association Visit in front of a loading shovel with Paul the Operator


Lomond Quarry has hosted 2 separate visits from the University of St Andrews Open Association’s Geology Classes.


Lomond Quarry is geologically very unusual in so far as the existing sand and gravel deposit overlies a thick dolerite “whin” stone rock.


During the visits the class members not only were taken round the quarry to see minerals up close but also taken through the production process in the quarry. There was much admiration for the “state of the art” washing plant which ensures all finished products have been fully washed thus giving the end user a quality product to use a raw material.


Rosalind Garton, the Open Association Tutor described the visit’s as truly splendid. “My Class members were absolutely fascinated with seeing a working quarry close up and, in particular, learning about and seeing the processes which are involved in making concrete, sands and building blocks”


The University of St Andrews Open Association is the university’s extra-mural studies branch. These are short courses run during the daytime, evenings and week-ends. No entrance requirements are needed – the courses are designed to appeal to the natural interest and curiosity of class members and to allow communities to benefit from having a university in their midst.


Ms. Garton further commented that it is very important as a geologist to explain to the general public how dependent we are on mineral materials, how those rocks and deposits have been formed, and what features of the geological materials make them ideal for the job in hand.


June 4th, 2015  |  Published in News

Skene Group Ltd are delighted to announce the introduction of a new product.  The Skene Crete-Pave offers  our Clients the opportunity to install a high strength, durable, value for money, road, hard standing, storage or work platform.


For full details please open our brochure download below.


Skene Group Limited Crete Pave brochure 4pp A4

New Housing Association—Crieff High Street

April 28th, 2015  |  Published in News


Skene Group Ltd were appointed as groundwork’s contractor on a development in Crieff. The demolition of the existing public house was undertaken ny others prior to Skene Group Ltd being appointed. The works package involcved working in around temporary support system where existing buildings were being retained. The concrete foundations for the new development were designed as such that the existing buildings were supported during the operation. Skene Group Ltd successfully installed the foundations, tanking membrane, drainage and poured floor slabs for the new development under very onerous conditions and limited working room. The implementation of small plant and clever shuttering by the Skene Group Ltd shuttering joiners resulted in what was a very difficult job coming together, allowing the steel frame to be erected.

New Aldi Store—Cupar—Fife

April 28th, 2015  |  Published in News


The progress of the new Aldi store at Cupar has been very good with the construction phase of the project now nearing completion. The main service providers are having to increase the supply capabilities within the area to accommodate the store and working in conjunction with the Skene Group Ltd have now completed the task. The store is scheduled for a June opening. Skene Group Ltd have their operatives carrying out the final slabbing, mono blocking and finishes to the external works of the store. Skene are currently preparing for the installation of all the bumper rails, trolley storage bars and bike racks. The final surfacing shall be undertaken by one of Skene Groups Ltd working partners along with the white lining of the wearing coat. The pre coats within the asphalt wearing coat shall be supplied to the tar supplier from Skene Groups local quarry.


New Concrete Block Production Pad – Soutra Mains

April 28th, 2015  |  Published in News



The Skene Group Ltd are undertaking to produce additional building blocks at their already busy Soutra Mains outlet. The new Concrete pad, currently being put in, shall allow the Company to double its current operation and supply to the construction industry for this matter. The in house Contracts division are working currently to ensure the 1 acre site is ready for production as soon as possible. The manufacturing pad is being laid to falls with a very tight gradient tolerance on it. The in house team are fully experienced in this type of work and are able to therefore deliver to the tolerances required to produce high quality blocks.

Aldi store – Gilmerton – Edinburgh

April 28th, 2015  |  Published in News


The Completed new Aldi store at Gilmerton Road, Edinburgh has successfully been delivered to the Client within budget, on time and to the Clients satisfaction. The Skene Group Ltd undertook to deliver the infrastructure and groundwork’s package of works. This went smoothly and ran to programme in accordance with the site managements schedule. Skene Group Ltd serviced the project with their in house labour, plant and materials resources. The quarried materials and ready mix concrete requirements were all delivered to site from the Group’s Soutra Mains outlet. This outlet has benefited from recent investment from the company and is now regularly servicing Edinburgh with both ready mix concrete and quarried materials at some of the industries keenest prices. The Skene Group Ltd Contracts division’s experienced and qualified labour resource have all the necessary skills to undertake these works at the highest level of finishing. Skene and their associated sub contractors have given Aldi a store that they consider to be their flagship store in the countries capital. This now brings the relationship between Aldi and Skene Group Ltd up to 3 new stores completed, one extension completed and a further two new stores currently under construction.

Forth Ports — Grangemouth—Terminal Repairs

April 28th, 2015  |  Published in News





The appointment of Skene Group Ltd to carry out the works at Grangemouth port has been a result of a relationship built on delivering a good honest trustworthy works package on time and within a budget. The current works package is to renew failed concrete running pavement within the container storage area. The installation of new drainage into existing drainage and ground preparation to receive the new reinforced concrete pavement is all being carried out by Skene Group ltd. The Skene concrete shall be delivered to site by Skene mixer truck, laid and finished by in house Skene operatives. All ensuring our Clients get the result they are looking for. The works shall be complete within a short programme to minimise disruption to the ports operations.

New Aldi Store – Cowdenbeath, Fife

April 28th, 2015  |  Published in News



The continued successful relationship between Aldi and Skene Group Ltd has resulted in Fife seeing a further introduction of the supermarkets growth. Currently the infrastructure package is well on with the tar surfacing due to be laid this month up to wearing coat level. All the onsite drainage and foundation works are complete. The forming of the car parking is ongoing.

The infrastructure and groundwork’s package was awarded to Skene Group Ltd on the back of a very onerous tendering process where Fife based Skene Group Ltd were able to offer Aldi the best value for money within the industry for this type of work. The benefits of using the Skene Group Ltd are the in house resources are all experienced operatives, with the emphasis on providing the Client with a service which meets with their fast build times and high quality finishes. The Skene Group Ltd are providing all raw materials to service the works, Our Local quarry at Leslie in Fife is benefiting from the work, ensuring the continued employment of all the operatives at the quarry. The concrete from our local batching plant at Crossgates is also seeing continued work as a result of securing the package on this development. The Skene Group Ltd transport division, recently having invested huge sums of money in keeping the lorry fleet renewed, some 12 new mixers and similar 8 wheel tippers ensuring our service to the Client is never in jeopardy. Skene Group Ltd have now completed three new stores, along with currently delivering a further two stores to the chain of Aldi’s ever growing presence within the British Retail outlet market.   A success story for both Aldi and Skene Group Ltd.  

Fordell Industrial Estate Access Road

April 28th, 2015  |  Published in News








Skene Group Ltd have been appointed Principle Contractor for the installation of a new access road to Fordell Industrial Estate Between Crossgates and Cowdenbeath, Fife. The road is 1.5km long and shall have a concrete running surface. Skene Group Ltd Concrete division shall produce the concrete, with the raw materials coming from the Companies local quarry. The bearing strata is also material from the in house quarry. The Hauling of the material to the site has been successfully carried out by the fleet of lorries within the group. The Contracts Division shall complete the works within a 16 week programme.

The Best Small Town in Fife – Leslie

February 16th, 2015  |  Published in News

Floral Display Photo

Beautiful Fife – Best Small Town Award 2014

Beautiful Fife – Silver Gilt Award 2014

Beautiful Scotland – Silver Award

The Skene Trust would like to congratulate Leslie Community Trust on their ongoing success at two separate competitions for the town of Leslie’s floral displays.

Skene Group via the Skene Trust have been involved in funding the hanging baskets displays since 2009 initially, with Fife Council and more recently with the Leslie Community Trust. The ongoing hard work that is undertaken by all parties involved is now being recognised not only at local level with Leslie being awarded “The Best Small Town in Fife” for the fourth time in a row but also now on a national level.

Leslie was entered into the “Beautiful Scotland” competition for the first time at the Dundee Flower and Food Festival in late Autumn 2014. The efforts of the Community Trust was recognised with Leslie being awarded a silver in the Large Village Category.

Well done to all involved.


January 27th, 2015  |  Published in News


A new access/egress road was undertaken by SKENE GROUP LTD utilising their own quarried materials
and concrete from their Soutra Quarry outlet unit, the transporting of the materials was also undertaken
by the fleet of lorries SKENE GROUP LTD have at their disposal. The fibrous concrete used was a C40
grade concrete with strut fibres being used in lue of any steel fabric mesh. SKENE GROUP LTD had
their own labour resources undertake the works ensuring the Client got a very good job within budget
and on time. The works shall improve the vehicle access to the Clients holiday let units and to the farm.


January 27th, 2015  |  Published in News


The return visit by SKENE GROUP LTD to Aberdeen is now underway. The build programme for the flats
has been delayed resulting in Skene Group Ltd being asked to progress the external layout package to a
reduced programme. Skene Group Ltd shall pull in their own labour resource to ensure the car parking
and hard landscaping package is brought to a conclusion speedily and efficiently. The development is
due for completion early 2015.


January 19th, 2015  |  Published in News


In conjunction with our preferred Principle Contractor SKENE GROUP LTD have secured the main line
sewer and roads package at the new housing association development at Guardbridge Fife. The installa-tion of the sewers to Scottish Water specification and adoption is something with which Skene Group
Ltd’s resources and management team are well akin in undertaking. Currently the works package is
ahead of programme allowing the Principle Contractor to get onsite and start with the build progress
ahead of any severe winter weather. Currently around 50% of the base tar has been laid in 5 weeks.


January 19th, 2015  |  Published in News


SKENE GROUP LTD have recently installed two bases for a wind turbine electric generation unit for a
farm in the Scottish Borders. The in house labour resource tied the steel cages which formed the base
after the Skene excavators and dump trucks had excavated the pits and carried out the access route for
same. Whilst gaining access to the side of the hill was difficult the use of the in house heavy plant and
equipment meant the Skene concrete was able to be transported to the location and placed efficiently and


January 19th, 2015  |  Published in News


The continued working relationship with one of the fastest growing retail outlet operatives in the industry
has resulted in SKENE GROUP Ltd being awarded the civils/groundwork’s package for the new store in
Cupar Fife. Skene Group Ltd took possession of the site on the 16th Nov 2014, currently progress on-site is very good with the earthworks now complete, all foundations and retaining walls being put in to
accommodate the steel frame. All onsite main line drainage is now installed with the off site works due to
commence early 2015.

Skene Group Ltd were the main event sponsor for the Air Ambulance Service

January 13th, 2015  |  Published in News

bin 3

bin 2


Skene Group Ltd were main event sponsors of Balvaird Charities Golf Day. The event was held at the Rosemount Golf Course Blairgowrie at the end of 2014 golf season. The event raised £18,000.00.

Skene Group Ltd are delighted with both the amount of money raised and that the benefactor of this are the air ambulance service.

“Rapid” Ready Mix – It does what it says on the tin!!!!

October 28th, 2014  |  Published in News


HQ Plant 10

At the end of 2013 Skene Group commissioned Rapid International along with Pneutrol International to design and build a state of the art ready mix plant that is capable of loading 8 cubic metre mixer trucks in 4 minutes for our Glenrothes depot. The design was initially based on our Soutra Mains ready mix plant that was built in 2011 with changes in both the mechanical and electronics design to meet our expectations. The build took just over four weeks and the first load of concrete was batched in June 2014 and was even used within the plants own hard standing area.

It does exactly what we asked for, load an 8 cubic metre mixer truck in 4 minutes.

We can offer the supply of ready mix concrete at any time of the day and on any day of the week. Our bespoke plant can deliver in excess of 1000 cubic metres of ready mix concrete per day.


HQ Plant 7

Uplifts are also welcome by mixer, tipper or trailer as the plant is also fitted with an uplift chute catering for low bed vehicles.




Skene Group support Pathhead A.F.C.

October 28th, 2014  |  Published in News

Pathhead AFC


Skene Group are proud to support Pathhead A.F.C in their current 2014/15 season. This season marks a great landmark in the clubs history as it is the 65th anniversary of Pathhead Amateur Football Club. The sponsorship contributed towards the purchase of new strips and much needed new equipment.

Skene Group wish the team all best for the season.

Skene Group Tee off for Scotlands Air Ambulance Charity

October 6th, 2014  |  Published in News


Ron Napier rolls home his putt




Golfers from across the country have helped to raise around £15,000 for Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance at the fun-filled Balvaird Charity Golf Day organised by Glenfarg based Binn Group.

The Shotgun start Stableford competition, sponsored by the Skene Group, was staged over Rosemount Golf Course, home to this month’s Junior Ryder Cup.

Septmeber 2014

The Skene Trust ensures Leslie Hearts AFC are stripped and ready for action!

October 6th, 2014  |  Published in News

Leslie Hearts AFC Photo

The Skene Trust is delighted to be able to support Leslie Hearts AFC in their activities promoting not only the existing amateur team but the formation of an additional new youth team.

Statement from Leslie Hearts Football Club:-

“Leslie Hearts Football Club would like to thank the Skene Trust for their very generous funding. The football club approached The Skene Trust and asked if they could help them in trying to promote and develop youth football back to the town of Leslie. The club asked the Skene Trust if they could supply new home kits for the long running amateur team and the additional new youth team. The Skene Trust supplied two new identical home kits for the teams and funded the pitch and facilities hire cost for both teams for the whole season at Quarry park! Leslie Hearts manager Andrew Davidson said, The Skene Trust have been absolutely fantastic and I believe they saw our enthusiasm and commitment towards bringing back youth football to the town, they had no hesitation in offering their support and funding. This is a major boost to the football club and the community of Leslie and we are so grateful for this help”

The Skene Trust is set up to support good causes for the village of Leslie and its environs. If you have a project or an idea that can benefit Leslie and its people then the Skene Trust would love to hear from you.

Please write to “The Skene Trust”, Skene House, Viewfield Industrial Estate, Glenrothes, KY6 2RD

Pictured with some of the players of both the senior and youth teams are Skene Trustee’s Cllr Fiona Grant and Terry Kirk plus Leslie Hearts AFC manager Andrew Davidson.

New Access Road—St Andrews

September 15th, 2014  |  Published in News


New Access Road—Skene Group Ltd have carried out the installation of a new access road into a private rural dwelling house for a private owner.  The Skene Group Ltd are happy to undertake jobs of this nature where an individual Client can come along and engage with us to ensure what they get is exactly what they want.  On this occasion our Client insisted on a job which allowed the property access road to become hard wearing with limited maintenance, all within a budget the Client wanted.  This project was delivered to the Client ahead of programme and below his budget allowance.

Working Yard Upgrade

September 15th, 2014  |  Published in News


Rosyth Docks—Forth Ports Authority— The working space within the Rosyth terminal for Forth Ports Authorities has been under pressure for some time. SKENE GROUP LTD have undertaken to install a terminal base fit for purpose.  The works to be undertaken require a vast reduced level dig and removal off site, followed by a large import of stone before concrete the wearing coat to provide a much improved working platform for the coming and going of the containers into and out of the port terminal. Skene have engaged with their designated appointed designers to fulfil the requirement whilst utilising their own material where possible. All hardcore, concrete and the transport being carried out by Skene Group Ltd direct.

Enabling Works—Grangemouth

September 15th, 2014  |  Published in News


Forth Ports Authority—The commencement of the major upgrade works within the docks at the Grangemouth terminal has got underway.  SKENE GROUP LTD carried out the enabling packages recently to allow the upgrade works to be undertaken.  The works package involved: Demolition of existing buildings, petrol interceptor and removal off site,  the installation of new drainage carrier system, along with diverting existing services, installation of new service chambers and the general civilisation of the area prior to handing over to the appointed contractor.

New Flagship Retail Outlet—Gilmerton—Edinburgh

September 15th, 2014  |  Published in News


Aldi Store  – Edinburgh—SKENE GROUP LTD have commenced onsite with the new retail outlet for one of the major players in the industry.  The earthworks package along with main line drainage, foundations with retaining walls incorporated, suds system and car parking are all being undertaken utilising the very best of the Skene Group Ltd materials from their Soutra Mains depot.  The concrete is produced form the quarry utilising the stone and locally distributed.  This job is a very good example of the complete solution with which Skene Group Ltd have become known for within the construction Industry.

New Convenience Store—Bridge of Earn

September 15th, 2014  |  Published in News


Morrison Construction Ltd—The lovely village of Bridge of Earn in Perthshire is preparing itself for the arrival of the new convenience store within the main street.  SKENE GROUP Ltd are currently putting the finishing touches to the external works of the new store in preparation of the opening next month.  The sub structure works, including foundation underpinning, drainage and service ducting along with the floor slabs had been carried out prior to this months update.  Skene and our Principle Contractors have delivered the new store under very tricky access/egress conditions whilst keeping distruptions down

New Convenience Store—Inverurie

September 15th, 2014  |  Published in News


Aldi—The SKENE GROUP LTD have concluded the works to the new store at Inverurie.  The works was carried out within a time restraint which didn’t allow for any errors or mistakes.  The full works package for the Skene Group was done in tandem with their industry companions.  The works package involved all sub structure works including driven sheet piling retention schemes to the perimeter of the site, Drainage to tie into the Scottish water system, including the underground suds system,  all access roads and car parking and the preparation for landscaping works.

Quayside Repairs—Grangemouth Docks

September 15th, 2014  |  Published in News


Forth Ports Authorities.  Works has just been completed on the damaged quayside at Grangemouth docks.  A vessel had managed to dislodge coping stones and seriously damage the quayside at the entrance into one of docking stations within the dock terminal.  Skene Group Ltd managed to, with assistance from their working partners, salvage the coping stones from the water, repair the damaged walls, reinstate the coping stones and pour a new structural slab over the damaged area.  Working progress has resulted in the barrier being fully reinstated and the area made safe again for the reuse of the area.



Store Extension—Dunfermline

September 15th, 2014  |  Published in News


Aldi Store— Works is well underway with the extension of the already very busy Dunfermline store.  The works being undertaken by SKENE GROUP LTD consists of the downtakings of the existing perimeter walls and the inner walls, the removal of the existing floor slab, pouring of a new slab once the internal drainage has been upgraded and revised layout added.  Skene Group Ltd are also undertaking completing the new front entrance layout to the extended shop prior to hand over.  The works has been carried out ensuring minimum disruption to the Clients shoppers.

Extension to Shop—Aberdeen

September 15th, 2014  |  Published in News


Muir Construction Ltd—Kitty Brewster Aberdeen— SKENE GROUP LTD have undertaken to assist by delivering the infrastructure and sub structure works on the project for one of neighbouring companies working in Aberdeen.  Skene Group through the industry acquaintants and industry knowledge can cover all of Scotland delivering experienced work operatives to give quality service to the construction industry.  Skene Group Ltd are installing foundation with hung bolts for steel frame building, along with a sewer diversion to allow the building to be placed.  All kerbing and preparation work for the layout.

Aberdeen—Student Accommodation

September 15th, 2014  |  Published in News


New Student Accommodation—Aberdeen.  All the sub structure work is now completed and SKENE GROUP LTD are off site awaiting on the external works package being made available to them for concluding the project.  The sub structure works involved cutting down steel tube driven casings, filling with concrete, installing reinforcing bars, tying in the ring beam foundations, installing sacrificial shuttering and pouring the concrete.  The floor slabs were cast and polished finished prior to protecting during the build process.

New Ready Mix Plant—Glenrothes

September 15th, 2014  |  Published in News


New Ready Mix Plant—Glenrothes—Skene Group Ltd have carried out the preparation of a new concrete bearing slab to allow the installation of the new concrete batching plant.  The new plant is one of the most up to date computer operated batching plants within the current market place.  Skene Group Ltd have undertaken all the civil’s work utilising all of the Group’s best resources, Labour, Plant, quarried materials and concrete.

Student Accommodate – St Andrews

September 15th, 2014  |  Published in News


New Student Accommodation—St Andrews – The existing student accommodation at David Russell Halls in St Andrews being brought down to make way for modern high end student living.  SKENE GROUP LTD have carried out the demolition works for the project.  The works has been done with our team of demolition operatives, fully experienced in this type of work.  We have salvaged a lot of existing furnishings, timber and white goods.  In conjunction with our recycling partners on this job we have had a near zero landfill percentage.  The timber totally recycled, biomass, the masonry all crushed onsite and reused. Skene are happy to be associated to the job offering minimum carbon discharge to the environment.

Enabling Package—St Andrews

September 15th, 2014  |  Published in News


New Student Accommodation—St Andrews The existing children’s nursery being demolished at St Andrews East Sands to make way for the development of the student accommodation units being built.  SKENE GROUP LTD carried out the demolition and crushing of the existing building as part of the enabling package.  Our own team of demolition operatives made light work of the single storey building, whilst the crusher and fully trained operatives crushed the materials for reuse on site.  All of these works are something with which the Group promotes heavily, ensuring our environmental impact is one of high efficiency.

New Three Storey—Retail Outlet

September 15th, 2014  |  Published in News

012 (2)

New retail unit – Fairmilehead – Edinburgh – The new retail outlet unit is located prestigious site over looking the artificial ski slopes at Edinburgh.  The unit has tiered levels rising from the sub structure basement.  SKENE GROUP LTD have carried out all the concrete form work, steel fixing and pouring of the concrete to the walls on the job.   The quarried material from the Skene Group Ltd’s Soutra Quarry outlet has supplied the materials including the ready mix concrete form this outlet.  The Contracts Division’s experienced operatives have delivered an excellent job where curved walls and stepped levels have made for difficult working.

Quarrying – Volvo Set A High Standard For Others To Beat

September 11th, 2014  |  Published in News

£1m plant set to start mixing “green” cement

July 30th, 2014  |  Published in News

                     Glenrothes Gazette 160714


July 30th, 2014  |  Published in News

Following the excitement of the XX Commonwealth Games, children – big and small – are getting ready to enjoy a fun-packed

day out in Leslie next week, thanks to the continued support from the Skene Trust.

 The annual Gala Day, which will be held on 2 August, has been sponsored by the Skene Trust since it burst onto the community calendar in 2008. Over the years, the Trust has donated more than £30,000 to help provide a lively, family-focused event offering a wide range of activities for everyone to enjoy.

Organised by the Leslie Community Trust, the Gala has grown in both size and popularity and around 1500 people are anticipated to come along on the day.

Events include tug of war and wrestling competitions as well as the much-loved parade, which will get underway at 12pm at the Greenside car park.

Children can also look forward to receiving one of 500 free goody bags, which will be handed out at the gate on arrival.

John Greig, Chairman of the Leslie Community Trust, said: “We would like to extend a big thank you to the Skene Trust and to all the local businesses that have provided support over the past eight years. With their involvement, those living in and around Leslie can enjoy a great day out at the heart of their community.”

Andrew Forgan, joint managing director of Skene Group Ltd, the Glenrothes based company behind the Skene Trust, said: “The annual Children’s Gala is a wonderful family day out and we are delighted to be able to continue supporting our local community in this way.

“The Trust was established with the purpose of supporting local events, organisations and businesses seeking opportunities to bring about a benefit for the community. Over the 20 year Lomond Quarry duration, Skene Group Ltd will donate around £400,000 through the Skene Trust and we look forward to playing our part in the Children’s Gala for years to come.”


For further information, contact Lally Cowell at Morrison Media Strategies on T: 0141 229 6707 or E:


For more information on Skene Group Ltd and the Skene Trust, go to


For more information on the Children’s Gala Day, go to

Contractor NRS Group build Turbine bases at Dunino,St Andrews

July 15th, 2014  |  Published in News



Contractor NRS Group from County RoscommonIreland, there were 3 turbine bases each pour was 160m3.

The site is 1 hour drive from Viewfield plant, concrete specification include the use of GGBFS @ 70% replacement. The slump on site was required to be 150mm to achieve this we also used a retarder to compensate for the travelling time. Also with the warm weather the contractor was expecting to have the base completed within 4 hours.

We agreed to start on site at 5.30am; with 14 trucks used we had 144m3 batched before the first truck return to plant, each pour of 160m3 were completed within the 4 hour period.


Dunnio wind turbine 00000 Dunnio wind turbine 00004 Dunnio wind turbine 00005 Dunnio wind turbine 00006 Dunnio wind turbine 00007 Dunnio wind turbine 00012 Dunnio wind turbine 00014 Dunnio wind turbine 00016 Dunnio wind turbine 00017 windmill at standrews

Kelty Marian Colts F.C.

June 9th, 2014  |  Published in News



Kelty Marian Colts F.C. is a community run club with over 120 children attached.


Their ages range from birthdays from 1995 up to 2008. The 2003-2008 age group play at Pitreavie in the FSSFD league on Saturdays and Sundays, whilst the age group 1995-2002 compete in the AFYFC league also on Saturdays and Sundays.


Kelty Marian Colts are run by volunteer coaches who give kids of all abilities the opportunity to play football.


The Skene Group are a new sponsor in 2014. Skene, who kindly donated rain jackets, which were well received by 5 and under age group.


Tony Fraser, Skene Groups Concrete Products Director, commented. “We are very pleased to be able to assist these types of clubs where the volunteer spirit very much exists. We are well aware the difficulties of volunteer groups ability to raise monies for the activities they run and congratulate the volunteers of Kelty Marian Colts F.C. on their efforts for the Kids in the local community.

Forth Ports Authority—Grangemouth

March 27th, 2014  |  Published in News




Skene Group Ltd are principle contractors on the upgrading works of the existing quayside at Grangemouth.  The introduction of a new catnic drainage channel system is being carried out whilst upgrading the adjacent concrete hardstanding area.  A large section of the works is having to be undertaken against tidal conditions.  The catnic system is having a shuttered concrete encasement installed to allow the area to be utilised with some of the biggest mobile cranes within the container docking industry in Scotland. 




Vettriano Gardens—Leven—Retail and residential units

March 26th, 2014  |  Published in News






The internal polished floors are being carried out by Skene Group Ltd to the retail units.  Currently the first floor level decking is being laid in preparation for Skene Group Ltd to pour a 130mm and a 175mm thick concrete floor slab.  The installation of the sewer outfall and storm water attenuation scheme has been carried out to date.  The principle Contractor are currently away to build the structure prior to Skene Group Ltd returning to conclude the works.

New Aldi Store—Inverurie

March 26th, 2014  |  Published in News






The building has now been landed on the foundations and the blockwork is progressing well.  Skene Group Ltd are currently installing the drainage onsite and forming car parking areas.  The internal floor slab is being made ready for receiving the concrete.  Skene Group Ltd are installing a sheet piling retention system to the embankments of the site prior to the Client having this clad.  The remaining retention systems shall be carried out by Skene Group Ltd by installing insitu concrete walls.   The site services are being installed by Skene Group Ltd along with the installation of the petrol interceptor and attenuation scheme.

St Peters Street—Aberdeen

March 26th, 2014  |  Published in News






The initial piling of the ground has been carried out on the footprint of the proposed new student accommodation flats within the City.  Skene Group Ltd have now commenced with the foundations, installing the reinforced tied re bar to form the ring beams, installing beam form and pouring the concrete to same.  Skene Group Ltd are installing the 900mm dia precast concrete attenuation pipework and the new sewer line to service the development now.

Extension to Car Parking – BskyB—Dunfermline

March 26th, 2014  |  Published in News






The conclusion of the new car park extension on the premises of BskyB Dunfermline are drawing nearer.  Skene Group Ltd are Principle Contractor on the project which has went very well to date.  The installation of 159 new car parking spaces with the associated drainage, street lighting, soft landscaping and road markings shall see the end of some difficult times for one of the areas biggest employers parking problems. Skene Group Ltd have delivered this project within a  very tight timetable , utilising the Groups in house resources. 


Health Centre Glenwood—Glenrothes

March 26th, 2014  |  Published in News









The handover of the new health centre at Glenwood has been formally done with the local health board representatives being happy with their new premises.  Skene Group Ltd were happy to be a major part of the build team responsible for the works, and in conjunction with the Principle Contractor felt the job was one which shall serve the area well.  


Effluent Waste Plant—St Andrews

March 26th, 2014  |  Published in News


Works are now nearing completion on the effluent waste pump plant for the local livestock haulier at St Andrews.  Skene Group Ltd have been instrumental in coordinating all the works for the project.  The Client requested Skene Group Ltd to site source a water supply to feed the plant, arrange all bore hole, pumping, storage and pressure feed for washing out the vehicles.  The project is expected to be complete and operational by the end of March 2014.

Retirement Development—Linlithgow

January 23rd, 2014  |  Published in News

Skene Group Ltd Contracts Division have commenced works on the development of the old bus
garage at Linlithgow town centre, overlooking the town square with it’s old clock. Skene Group have
carried out the bulk earthworks in conjunction with archaeologies ensure all ancient findings were
recorded. Skene are now progressing with installing the infrastructure and sub structure works
prior to concluding the project with the hard landscaping. Works are expected to run
through to the start of 2015.








Retail and Residential Development—Leven—Fife

January 23rd, 2014  |  Published in News

Works got underway prior to the Festive break at Leven on a small retail and
residential site . Skene Group Ltd have secured the infrastructure, sub structure and
hard landscaping works at the site. The foundations of the development were cast
giving curing time over the break prior to the structure being erected January. Part
of the works includes the installation of the main sewers to Scottish Water specification within the live carriageway.



Cargo Movement and Storage Yard—Grangemouth

January 23rd, 2014  |  Published in News

The allocation of the yard repair package within the docks at Grangemouth was awarded to Skene
Group Ltd prior to the festive break. Skene undertook to deliver prior to the break a substantial
area so that the curing time could be started prior to the holidays. Utilising the in-house concrete
divisions resource this was successfully carried out. Subsequently we have been awarded further
works within the docks adjacent to the quayside, these works are also underway and require disciplined implementation of health and safety requirements being next to a live port.



SSE New Depot—Dundee

January 23rd, 2014  |  Published in News

SSE have now moved into their completed new office, storage yard in Dundee. Skene
Group wish them all the very best in what is a very good facility. Skene Group carried
out the groundwork’s package on the job in conjunction with their Principle Contractor partners. It is hoped that repeat work can be negotiated on the back of this job.
Skene Group Ltd would also take the opportunity to thank our workforce on a job
well done, the quality of the workmanship is there for all to see, well done to all.



Lundin Links Golf Club—Car parking Upgrade

January 23rd, 2014  |  Published in News

We have now successfully handed over the extension to the car parking area at the
Lundin Links Golf Club. The Skene Group Ltd, utilised all the in house resources to
provide the necessary materials , plant and labour to conclude the works. Both the
Clients representatives and the members all passed comments on the works carried
out. We thank the members for their consideration during the construction phase.



New effluent waste wash bay—St Andrews

January 23rd, 2014  |  Published in News

W. Walker and Sons the local Livestock Transport haulier has appointed Skene Group Ltd to install
their new washout facilities at their yard in St Andrews. The facility shall consist of a new concrete
hardstanding where the effluent shall be filtered out prior to being held within a new treatment
pumping chamber, the hardstanding run off water shall kept separate from the effluent and shall
also be treated in a oil separator all before being discharged under control into the existing sewer.
The facility shall have a control booth and high pressure washer unit. 


Extension of existing car parking—Dunfermline

January 23rd, 2014  |  Published in News

Skene Group Ltd have been awarded as the principle contractor for the construction of a new car
parking facility which is tagged onto the existing facilities. The works consist of the site clearance,
topsoil scrape, reduce level dig and removal off site, installation of suds system, forming of access
road and parking bays along with associated installation of street lighting and cctv for the new
facilities. All car parking bays shall be done in using a porous block paviour . Skene Group shall
supply the concrete, aggregate and utilise all their own in house plant and labour.


photo 1

St Peters Street—Aberdeen

January 23rd, 2014  |  Published in News

Skene Group Ltd have been awarded the Groundwork’s, infrastructure works at the site of a
Proposed new flatted development within Aberdeen City centre. The site clearance is being carried
out currently and ground stabilisation is being undertaken. Skene Group Ltd in conjunction with
their business contacts shall bring together the drainage attenuation pipework with 900mm precast
concrete pipes, installation of ground beam foundations, create a new access road and car parking
facilities for the flats and conclude the job by installing all of the hard landscaping. 



Minto Business Park—Aberdeen

January 23rd, 2014  |  Published in News

The initial concrete pour has been undertaken at the site this week 16/01/14. The current sie pro-gress has been good with the steel structure erected on the back of Skene Group Ltd pouring the
foundation. The car parking areas have been formed and blocked prior to the Principle Contractor
landing their temporary welfare facilities. Skene Group ltd have concluded drainage works to the
building and car parking along with applying base tar to the access road. The conclusion of the in-ternal floors shall result in Skene Group then preparing the external yard for concrete works.



Fairmilehead—Edinburgh—Retail and residential

January 23rd, 2014  |  Published in News



Progress todate at the new premises for Craigdon Mountain Sports has been good. The residential
units retaining structure has all bee cast with internal floors now being poured to form the basement.
The retail unit retention scheme is very tricky with radius insitu concrete walls being formed with
recesses and bolt columns for the above ground structure to bear on. The Skene Group Ltd fully ex-perienced labour, along with the in house concrete has meant the job has been carried out efficiently
and effectively with little delays. Site works shall continue on the basement and backfill to the struc-ture prior to commencing with car parking and drainage works being undertaken by Skene Group.

Skene announces new jobs

November 20th, 2013  |  Published in News

Fife quarrying, contracting and construction supply firm Skene Group is to continue its growth with the creation of 18 new jobs after securing a string of fresh contracts worth almost £4.5 million.

Read the full article here


November 20th, 2013  |  Published in News










November 20th, 2013  |  Published in News












November 20th, 2013  |  Published in News









November 20th, 2013  |  Published in News




November 20th, 2013  |  Published in News





November 20th, 2013  |  Published in News





November 20th, 2013  |  Published in News




CDE integrate washing and crushing for Skene Group, Scotland

November 11th, 2013  |  Published in News

When searching for a turnkey washing solution, Skene Group again chose CDE to ensure their simple yet effective quarrying ethos to “Produce good quality products in a safe and economic manner” was upheld.

Skene Group was founded in June 1968. Originally involved in plant contracting, the company has diversified into being one of the UK’s leading independent operators in the construction supply sector. For many years sand and gravel has been a major source of Scottish aggregates and in Skene Group’s early years natural sands and gravel provided the largest proportion of commercially produced aggregates in Scotland. Today, the market for sand and gravel in Central Scotland is thriving due to major infrastructural projects including the construction of the £1billion Forth road bridge, the new £500m Edinburgh Tramline connecting the City
Centre to Edinburgh Airport and the overall increase in infrastructural investment. The site of the CDE Washing Plant is Lomond Quarry, a hard rock quarry with a sand and gravel overburden, near Glenrothes, Fife in Scotland. The hard rock is a mixture of Whinstone and Dolerite and is notoriously hard to process. Skene Group operates sand and gravel resources supplying the construction and sports industries throughout Scotland and beyond. These include house building, as well as tar and concrete production including drainage and decorative stone for paths and driveways. These high quality aggregates are transported by road and sea and continue to be a valuable resource to the wider industry.

In 2011, Skene recognised that their existing washing plant on-site in Glenrothes required an upgrade. This led the company to speak to CDE about a new turnkey processing solution. Ideally, this solution would be a completely integrated package that would process material from crushing right through to producing clean washed products ready for sale and also for internal use. It was always important to Donald Skene, Chairman of Skene Group, to ensure that the new solution would give Skene the ability to ‘blend’ natural sand, gravel and blasted rock in proportions to sustain the quarry. “Central to our requirements for the washing plant was the blending of materials to ensure that our natural sand and gravel and hard rock could be mixed in usable proportions to manufacture concrete specification sand, therefore allowing us to sustain the quarry. Sustaining the quarry means we can retain and support our employees for the foreseeable future.”

Skene Group had previously purchased two CDE plants and so invited CDE to look at the existing site at Lomond Quarry with a view to replacing the existing plant. After initial meetings with Donald  Skene and Neil Skene, Managing Director of Skene Group, Eunan Kelly, Area Sales Manager for Scotland believed that CDE could meet Skene Group’s specific requirements while keeping the cost of ownership low. “From the outset of this project we were confident that we could guarantee Skene’s requirements; the ability to successfully blend material in sustainable proportions, the capacity to increase productivity to satisfy internal demand and the capability to deliver high quality concrete and building sand for construction use whilst ensuring minimal environmental impact.”  The CDE plant was installed and commissioned in Summer 2012. CDE produced an integrated solution combining both jaw and cone crushers with the washing plant. The process begins with a blend of the naturally occurring sand & gravel overburden being fed to the plant via the L55 feed hopper. The feed hopper includes a tipping grid with 250mm spacings and an integrated belt feeder to ensure the efficient transition of material to the next stage of material processing. The feed conveyor delivers the material to a grizzly screen with the +60mm material going forward to a Jaw crusher. The Jaw Crusher underflow re-joins the -60mm grizzly screen underflow and is conveyed to two ProGrade P2-75 rinsing screens. The ProGrade is an inclined circular motion screen designed to cope with the harshest conditions. The ProGrade screening phase consists of two rinsing screens complete with PU screening media. The +25mm oversize from the ProGrade is fed to a Cone Crusher via a S20 surge hopper and conveyor. This material is in a closed loop until -25mm. The +5mm-25mm material is stocked via a radial 26m conveyor as per their required specification concrete aggregate. The P2-75 underflow (-5mm) is then fed to the EvoWash 152. The modular design of the EvoWash ensures highly accurate separation of silxs and clays from material, guaranteeing production of specification sands. The primary product from the EvoWash 152 is the 0-5mm concrete specification sand. There is a facility to increase or decrease the bottom end 0-2mm in the concrete sand meaning that the concrete sand specification can be maintained easily on site. Any excess 0-2mm is stockpiled for other uses within the quarry operation.

The cyclone overflow including the waste water, silt and clay, is delivered to the CDE AquaCycle A600 high rate thickener. Here the silts combine together and drop to the bottom of the tank forming a sludge which is then discharged. This results in clean, reusable water that overflows into the CDE AquaStore, which is located close to the AquaCycle and stores water for recirculation around the plant. The sludge is pumped away to holding lagoons on a disused part of the quarry. Significant steps have been taken to ensure that consideration of environmental impact is at the forefront of Skene Group’s operations and the CDE AquaCycle illustrates this perfectly. The quaCycle reduces the volume of fresh water required to feed the washing plant by up to 90%, meaning the potential environmental impact is kept at a minimum. Donald Skene commented on the superior design of the CDE plant, ‘In certain areas of the quarry the material is dirty, but the combination of the CDE sand plant and the AquaCycle thickener is so effective that it is hard to believe how dirty the raw feed is. The nature of the material being processed has changed since the previous plant was installed and this could have meant more water was required to run the new plant, but the AquaCycle solves this problem and ensures water is constantly recycled around the plant’.

Speaking about the final delivery of the Skene Project, Donald Skene believes the plant is excellent value for money, ‘I am confident that the cost per tonne of this plant is dramatically lower than for a crushing and screening solution. This turnkey system provides us with a long term processing solution that will allow us to meet our production requirements for more than a decade.’
Further information on CDE and the products detailed in this Case Study can be found at


Skene Group Welcomes Glenrothes High School Pupils

October 23rd, 2013  |  Published in News


The Skene Group has hosted a group of school pupils from Glenrothes High School as part of ENABLE Scotland’s work experience programme.
Concrete Products Director, Tony Fraser, showed the group around the Fife based company’s Lomond Quarry and the concrete block production facility at Crossgates.  The young people were given the opportunity to see the machinery in operation and the various processes carried out at the concrete block production factory. The material from the quarry is used to produce bricks, blocks, kerbs and slabs that are used across the UK in the construction industry.
TransitiSkene Group Welcomes Glenrothes High School Pupilsons Coordinator for ENABLE Works East, Terry Kirk, said: ” ENABLE Scotland’s work-related visits and classroom activities are designed to give young people with learning disabilities a better understanding of business and employment. As Scotland’s leading learning disability charity, we know that people with disabilities want to work and, with the right support, employment can be achieved.”


He added: “Thanks to the support of companies like the Skene Group we are able to expand on our classroom activities, making our programme unique and tailored to build the skills and experience we know employers are looking for.”


The Skene Group is one of Fife’s largest employers and hopes that this is the first of many work experience trips. The company is looking forward to maintaining links with ENABLE Scotland’s Fife Employment Team and will continue to support their work experience programme.


Joint Managing Director of the Skene Group, Andrew Forgan, said: “The Skene Group was delighted to help ENABLE Scotland’s work experience programme. We have more than 200 employees and understand that young people are the future of our economy. The Skene Group has many different types of jobs and it is a great opportunity to offer school pupils experience in the working world.”





















September 18th, 2013  |  Published in News

034 (2)

The finishing’s are now nearing conclusion for the grand opening of the new Aldi Store, Leven.
SKENE GROUP LTD have installed all street furniture to the store and are now having the internal
road markings carried out. The peripheral works associated to the store are also being undertaken
by SKENE GROUP LTD, this includes the upgrading of existing street lighting columns and ducting
along with the introduction of a Tucan crossing point. Skene and their working partners wish Aldi
every success with the new store.


September 18th, 2013  |  Published in News


The Internal floors for the building have now been poured by SKENE GROUP LTD. The site is pro-gressing well and to date no delays have meant that the follow on trades have been given the building
early in an effort to ensure the Client takes possession on time. The external finishing’s are all that is
left for the SKENE GROUP LTD on this project. The Client has been impressed with our efforts.

Contracts Division news 2013- New Yard Dundee

August 14th, 2013  |  Published in News


A new concrete yard is being constructed along with a new office, welfare building for a local scrap merchant to occupy within Dundee port. Skene Group ltd are principle contractor for the works associated to the constructyion of a new weighbridge, new drainage inc oil interceptor, fencing, lighting and groundworks. The 10 week programme is underway and progress currently is good.


August 13th, 2013  |  Published in News

foundation and EcoLite 003

The Skene Concrete Division has stepped in to solve many national and local house builders supply problems by offering our 300mm Foundation block. There is a growing national shortage of aerated Foundation and super structure block work and the Skene group have a ready available alternative to the superlite blocks.

Skene Foundation blocks are 440 x 100 x 300mm and are 7.3n or 10.4n/mm2 in strength, considerably stronger than the 3.6n generally on offer with aerated. The blocks are below 20kg each and are produced locally at our works in Fife.

Skene also produce 2 ranges of medium dense blockwork, our Glentherm range has a density of 1300kg/m3 and our GlenEcoLite range with density of 1100kg/m3. These blocks offer considerably improved thermal performance over dense blocks.

All the ranges of blocks are readily available for delivery with a few days notice.

Encountering archaeology in advance of quarry development

August 13th, 2013  |  Published in News

archir pic

Archaeology can be a significant issue for quarry developments, impacting upon carefully planned schedules and budgets. Specialist guidance on the legal and technical procedures surrounding archaeology, however, can offer a swift resolution to any difficulties.

Guard’s archaeologists have extensive experience and a proven track record working in advance of quarries, from undertaking archaeological assessments prior to planning applications to providing a rapid response to the accidental discovery of archaeological remains. A few examples will now follow.

Lothian Plain

A good example where Guard has undertaken work to meet planning conditions, following an assessment during the planning application process, was the archaeological investigation carried out over the winter of 2010-2011 on the summit of Soutra Hill in the Scottish Borders.

The work was in advance of extension to Skene Group’s existing Soutra Quarry and revealed an early Bronze Age burial cairn at the summit. This contained a cremation burial, which was discovered by Guard specialists to be an adult buried around 1750 BC. A total of 52 sherds of pottery from a decorated vessel were also recovered from the cairn. It was possible to piece almost all the sherds together to form one early Bronze Age beaker, a type of pot associated with beer drinking and often buried in graves of this period.

The cairn and the remains of nearby timber circle, similar to a stone circle but originally comprised large wooden posts, suggest that Soutra Hill was a significant place for rituals and burial overlooking the Lothian plain in the early Bronze Age landscape of south-east Scotland.

However, this wasn’t all the archaeology the team discovered. The foundations of a late medieval beacon truncated the cairn. This corroborates an Act of Scottish Parliament in 1455 that established a system of beacons, including Soutra Hill, to warn of English attack. Further evidence for later use of the hillside consisted of plough furrows, which may relate to agricultural activity of the nearby Soutra Medieval Hospital. Of course, all this archaeological evidence for Soutra Hill’s place within the prehistoric and medieval landscape would not have been discovered if Skene Group had not extended their quarry, thus requiring archaeological mitigation.

Contracts division update – July 2013, New SSE Depot Dundee

August 12th, 2013  |  Published in News


The installation of the petrol interceptor concludes the drainage system at the new depot in Dundee. The works is part of the depot for the SSE, which shall have a 3 acre concrete yard with new modern offices for their staff. Skene Group Ltd are partnering Ogilvie Construction Ltd in delivering the modern premises to SSE.

Contracts division update – Wood processing plant – Tayside

August 12th, 2013  |  Published in News

Video of site click herebinn ns 1

Concrete pad grows daily as the works programme is pushed as fast as we can deliver our concrete to site. We are currently eighty percent of the way across the 7 acre site and progressing very well.

Contracts Division Update, Kenmore Housing Association

August 12th, 2013  |  Published in News


The finishings are now concluded on the 8 house development in the grounds of the estate at Kenmore for a local housing association. The factor was delighted with the end result on what has turned out to be a very sought after part of the country. Skene Group Ltd delivered the infrastructure and sub structure package in what was considered a good working partnership with Campion Homes.

Progress for Skenes Contracts Division July 2013

August 12th, 2013  |  Published in News


Wood processing plant in Tayside where the suds system is now progressing well. The large catchment pond has now been shaped and is ready for the bentonite matting prior to soiling. Currently the works are ahead of programme.

A Winning Day Out For Kirsty

August 6th, 2013  |  Published in News

photo (2)

Congratulations to Kirsty Ritchie from Hamilton for guessing the number of balloons in the cab of our Scania mixer truck. Scania Newbridge provided the model fire engine prize and we hope that Kirsty has loads of fun soaking her friends!!

A special thanks to our marketing/ promotional experts, driver’s Johnnie Mack and Davie Brown who both did a fantastic job looking after our “Rugby Ball” mixer over the two days at the Borders Union Show held in Kelso.

The new Scania P365 8×4 chassis is fitted with an 8m3 Schwing Stetter mixer, this truck is one of five mixers we have taken delivery in June adding to our fleet.


The Skene Trust gives Leslie Bowling Club a “Short Cut” to success!!

June 11th, 2013  |  Published in News

The Skene Trust gives Leslie Bowling Club a “Short Cut” to success!!
The Skene Trust has recently funded a New Mower for Leslie Bowling Club. The club approached the Trust due to ongoing maintenance problems with the existing mower which left the club in the difficult position of looking at a large capital expense the club had not budgeted for.
The Skene Trust answered the call in time for the commencement of the new season and the playing surface has already been noted by members and visitors alike as being amongst the best in the area.
Club President Mr Derek Lowe commented “the provision of the new mower which includes a groomer kit which the old mower did not posses along with other improvements made by the club has already transformed the condition of the green. The Skene Trust have been very supportive of the club funding a separate junior bowling initiative previously and we are delighted that they have been able help us in our hour of need.”
The Skene Trust is set up for the benefit of the town of Leslie and its environs. Should you have a funding request that you wish to be considered then please apply in writing to:-
The Skene Trust,
Skene House,
Viewfield Road,
Viewfield Industrial Estate,

Our picture shows, from left to right, Harry Lessells (Asst Greenkeeper), Andrew Forgan (Joint Managing Director) and Derek Lowe (President, Leslie Bowling Club)

Bowling Club PR Photo

Jobs boost as Skene Group wins contracts worth £8 million

May 22nd, 2013  |  Published in News

Glenrothes based Skene Group has secured several construction and civil engineering contracts in Fife, Tayside, Angus and Perth and Kinross with a value of £8 million pounds that will allow the company to increase its work force by 10%.

The Skene Group will carry out the groundwork, drainage and hard landscaping at a new supermarket in Leven.   In Glenrothes, Skene will carry out all the groundwork and the civil engineering for the sub structure of the new Glenwood Health centre.

Skene Group will provide the groundwork and civil engineering services for a new depot for a multi national Energy company in Dundee and will also will carry out the civil engineering works on two Biomass projects in Perth and Kinross and Tayside.   The car parking and environmental aspects of a new retail outlet in Perth and the demolition and groundwork for an extension to a school in Angus will also be carried out by workers from Skene.

The Managing Director of Skene Group, Neil Skene, said:  “This is good news for the company and the local economy.   The new contracts mean that we will be recruiting about 20 new workers, increasing the number of employees by 10%.   Where at all possible we employ local labour and sub contractors, which means the money goes directly into the Fife economy.”

He added:   “The Skene Group is winning contracts for different types of work across north east and central Scotland.  This demonstrates the benefits of providing a fully integrated range of services, from quarrying to civil engineering to bricks and blocks for the building industry.   The company is still winning contracts at a time when the economy continues to struggle.”

Glenrothes and Central Fife MP, Lindsay Roy, welcomed the announcement from Skene Group: “This is excellent news and Skene is to be congratulated on winning the contracts.   The new business, which was won in the face of stiff opposition, will not only secure existing employment but will bring more jobs to the area in continuing difficult financial times.”

Mr Roy added: “Skene is a big employer in my constituency and elsewhere in Fife and these contract gains are a major achievement.”

Skene Group invests £6 million to reduce carbon footprint – May 2013

May 22nd, 2013  |  Published in News

Glenrothes based Skene Group has bought 10 new Scania HGV lorries as part of a move to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

The environmentally sensitive engines in the lorries will comply with the new Euro 5 standard, which  substantially reduces emissions of carbon monoxide and particulates.

Skene Group has also bought new Vauxhall mini buses to transport staff to and from the sites operated by the company, further reducing road distances travelled in addition to cutting fuel usage and emissions.

The Managing Director of Skene Group, Neil Skene said:  “Every one knows that the construction industry has a large carbon footprint because of the nature of the work involved.   Skene Group is determined to reduce our impact on the environment.”

He added:  “The vehicles operated by the company currently travel more than 80,000 kilometres per week or 4.2 million kilometres over a year.   Our aim is to reduce this by 10% over the next 12 months.   The company has invested more than £6 million pounds over the last 18 months in more environmentally friendly plant and equipment.”

In November last year, the Skene Group announced an investment of £3 million in new plant and machinery at its quarry in Leslie in Fife, to make its aggregate manufacturing process one of the most modern and environmentally sensitive in the UK.

Controlled by computer, the aggregate processing plant uses a wet process that eliminates airborne dust.  The plant is fully operated by electricity and does not require diesel engines or generators, which has eliminated exhaust emissions.   Loading shovels feeding the plants are fitted with the most up-to-date exhaust gas recycling systems.

Products from the quarry in Leslie have a wide range of uses across the UK including the construction of houses, roads, schools and the new Forth Bridge crossing.   The quarry also produces the main materials that are used in the production of bricks, blocks, kerbs and slabs at the Skene Group’s concrete product factory near Dunfermline.

Scottish Borders – Concrete Pads

September 20th, 2012  |  Published in News

Rapid International Ltd

Civils work for the installation of a new concrete
batching plant – Scottish Borders Region. The Company were given the
pads and concrete floor area ahead of time at short notice.  The installation of the new plant has been
carried out and the plant now operational.
Rapid had no issues in landing the new plant as all the engineering was

Wood Processing Plant – Perth & Kinross

September 19th, 2012  |  Published in News

Wood Processing Plant – Perth & Kinross
A  3 acre site was developed on this site to accommodate a wood processing plant
for the newly constructed Bio Mass at Glenrothes.  The Client has been handed the plant early
and is currently doing the fit out.

Animal Foods Mill – Fife

September 19th, 2012  |  Published in News

Animal Foods Mill – Fife

Civils works completed to accommodate silos.  The concrete retaining structure had a water
tight bund surrounding the silos.
The Client was handed the structure early and has now installed his
plant successfully onto the pads where the setting out engineering work was
found to be accurate.

CDE Global Ireland

September 19th, 2012  |  Published in News

Global Ireland

Civils works for the sitting of a £2m screening plant in Fife. 3mtr high retaining walls, bearing plinths of
various heights and dimensions were included in the design of the plant.  All associated hard standings were also
carried out by Skene Group Ltd Contracts Division where the plant is currently
being installed.

Hillcrest Housing Association

September 19th, 2012  |  Published in News

Hillcrest Housing Association – Scott Court – Dundee.

Regeneration of grassed area adjacent to domestic
housing.  Introducing a safe play zone
incorporating hand landscaping elements.

Skene Group Ltd Contracts Division have recently carried
out several contracts within the Groundwork’s, Civils sectors of the
construction industry.  As the industry
strives to engage quality workmanship within a very competitive market.  Skene Group Ltd have in-house resources of
own plant, transport, quarried materials and concrete manufacturing along with
the wealth of some very experienced in-house labour resource.

Skene Sponsored Polbeath United 2012-2013 Strips

June 6th, 2012  |  Published in News

Best wishes from all at Skene Group for success in the coming season.


May 17th, 2011  |  Published in News



Skene Group Limited Contracts Division demolished a redundant plant room and stair tower. These were brick built structures over clad in metal sheeting, with cast in-situ roof slabs and first floor slabs to stair tower.

The works took place within Cameronbridge Distillery site which is a facility that runs 24hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year.

The area where the demolition works took place had very limited access so large plant could not be utilised to undertake the demolition works due to the close proximity of live services, walkway gantries and pipe bridges.

The main tower was circa 10m high and had to be demolished by hand, using breakers, down to a level prior to a compact excavator being used to undertaking the rest of the mechanical demolition works.

Works were further complicated due to the fact that live services adjacent to the pump house. If these services were damaged during the course of our works it would cause the entire plant to shut down until repairs were carried out.

The newsletter as attached is created in-house by Diageo’s Management Team. Skene Group Ltd are delighted to be recognised for the high standard of workmanship on this site.

Skene Group Limited sees Blue

November 17th, 2009  |  Published in News


In a decisive move to streamline its maintenance costs on mobile plant, Glenrothes based Skene Group Ltd has signed up to Volvo Construction Equipment’s Blue customer support agreements for all their twenty two Volvo machines.

The decision to outsource the regular servicing, inspections and oil sampling back to the original manufacture coincides with the delivery of a new Volvo L220F loading shovel equiped with a 5.1m³ capacity bucket. Competitive tenders were sort for the maintenance of the company’s mobile plant comprising mostly of Volvo shovels, excavators and dumptrucks. “Although they weren’t the cheapest, we felt it made sense to award the contract to the original manufacturer -safe in the knowledge the machines would be service and maintained by Volvo trained engineers using genuine parts with the proper disposal of all used oils and materials,”  commented plant & transport director Darren Forrester. The agreements are based on a fixed rate per scheduled service and a fixed rate for mileage including oil sampling and regular inspections to be reviewed on an annual basis.

The Blue Agreement is based upon a series of comprehensive machine inspections combined with the approved Volvo service programme, maintaining the machine to the recommended standard. All inspection and maintenance work is carried out by Volvo service trained engineers using only genuine Volvo parts and lubricants. Comprehensive reports are provided to support warranties and enhance resale value, together with proactive advice on when parts will need replacement. Regular oil samples are taken for analysis of quality and contaminant levels, and again, advice is given freely if action needs to be taken. In addition any latest machine software updates are applied to keep the machine at the cutting edge. And as with the agreements for the whole of Skene’s fleet of Volvo equipment arrangements can be customized to suit the individual needs of the customer irrespective of whether the machine is brand new or five years old. Underpinning any customer support agreement is the assurance that the practical element to Volvo CE’s fully integrated management system and ISO accreditations comes into play with regard to safe disposal of oils, filters and associated materials and best practice whilst on site maintaining the equipment.

The Skene Group has enjoyed steady growth since it was founded in 1968 by its current Chairman, Donald Skene. It became a limited company in the late 1970s with the launch of its civil engineering, road building operations and demolition activities then diversified into minerals in the 1980s, quarrying sand, gravel and hard rock deposits. The 1990s saw further expansion, this time into pre-cast and ready-mixed concrete products. Managing Director Neil Skene joined the business in 1984 and now oversees all its divisions providing sand and gravel quarrying; hard rock quarrying; concrete products and construction services.

Skene Group Sponsors Steins Thistle Football Club

November 12th, 2009  |  Published in News

Steins Thistle Football Club was formed in 1972 and is a member of the Stirling and District Amateur Football Association.  The club are the rightful owners of the land at Allandale Village where they have changing facilities and play their home games, this being the only grass pitch within all the nearby local communities.

The club currently run 6 teams ranging in age from under 11 to under 21 and also have a full amateur team which has no age restriction.

The main aim of the club is to offer a free facility where adults and children, including many girls, of all ages can access and receive first class football training and guidance from Scottish Football Association trained and qualified coaches. This provides the youngsters from the Banknock, Haggs, Longcroft and Bonnybridge communities with an alternative to the misguided drink and drugs culture, which is increasingly prevalent today. The club believe that being directly involved within these local communities can only help direct the youth of tomorrow away from today’s problems.

It is with this community spirit in mind that the Skene Group was delighted to assist with the sponsorship of Steins Thistle Football Club.

Devon Quarry awarded BAA Site Assessment Certificate

November 12th, 2009  |  Published in News

BAA-Skene-GroupDEVON Quarry, located near Kennoway, in Fife, Scotland, and part of the Skene Group of operations, has recently received a British Aggregates Association (BAA) Site Assessment Certificate, which is awarded to individual quarry locations that have been independently assessed as meeting the highest standards in health and safety.

The Site Assessment Scheme was introduced around two years ago and forms part of the HSE’s Target Zero initiative and the BAA’s contribution to demonstrating competence in the quarry work place.

The scheme is designed to ensure that an entire site meets all of the requirements laid down in the legislation affecting quarry operations. After examination of the operation by an independent health and safety assessor, a specialist panel headed by Eric Darlow, former Principal Inspector of Quarries, considers the findings of the assessor before a final certificate is awarded.

The certificate lasts for three years and the Scheme, which is very rigorous, is designed to be a ‘moving’ document that is constantly updated in line with new legislation and standards.

Commenting on the latest award, Neil Skene, managing director of the Skene Group, stated that the BAA Site Assessment Scheme was ideal for his company’s operations as it not only ensured that sites were managed correctly and safely, but also that procedures were constantly being improved and updated. He added that other quarries within the Group were now being considered for inclusion in the BAA scheme.

Richard Bird of the BAA said many members had now completed the scheme, while others had signed up to the commitment and were in various stages of assessment. “Skene Group are typical of the well-managed family quarry businesses that make up the majority of the BAA membership, and as such are exactly the kind of operation that the BAA Site Assessment Scheme was designed for,” he commented.

School Children visit Lomond Quarry

November 12th, 2009  |  Published in News

As part of a campaign to increase the local children’s awareness in the dangers of playing in or near a quarry or construction site the Skene Group has forged close links with Leslie Primary School which is located within close proximity of Lomond Sand & Gravel Quarry near the village of Leslie.

This year, just prior to the school summer holidays, a company employee delivered a whole school assembly presentation, including videos, on the dangers of entering any quarry unauthorised. This is particularly important and relevant as each year we hear of tragedies involving children who have entered various construction areas, building sites or quarries unsupervised particularly during school holiday periods.

In addition to emphasising how dangerous quarries can be this assembly was also used to highlight how important quarries are in providing construction materials for roads, houses, hospitals and schools etc and that quarries also provide environmental benefits in creating habitats suitable for numerous wild animals and birds.

As a follow on from this safety talk the primary seven class was invited into Lomond Quarry on a supervised visit where they learned how the sand and gravel is extracted, crushed, washed and screened into its final sizes prior to being loaded onto road vehicles for delivery to the final customer. The children also got the opportunity to view and inspect the various pieces of heavy mobile and crushing plant close up in the hope that this will fulfil their curiosity in ever entering a construction site unauthorised.